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Octopus Evo (タコシンカ Takoshinka) is the octopus-theme Evolution Beast of the Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire

Character History

Octopus Shinka is created as part of a scheme to ruin the dreams of Ryuu Hoshikawa to encounter alien life, approaching him as he has made first contact with a craft from beyond Earth and making him believe that the aliens are rude and do not want anything to do with him or Earth. The scheme initially works, with the Evolution Beast approaching even as a spacecraft floats in the sky with Hoshikawa tricked into thinking it, not the beings in the craft, was the aliens. However when the Dynaman fight the creature, Hoshikawa becomes hit and hurt by it until the aliens strike it, making him regain his faith in his dreams. DynaBlack and the Dynaman crush Octopus Shinka, first with Super Dynamite, then with Dyna Robo.


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Modus and Arsenal

Octopus Evo can use a ink from his mouth that blinds and stings whoever is struck by it, able to burrow, can absorb electricity to shock enemies, fly, missiles in the mouth called Tako Missiles, sonic waves via swinging his tentacle arms, and he can change his size.


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Behind the Scenes

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