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Octopus Canth (タコカンス Takokansu) is a Mecha-Gigan of Neo Empire Gear, used by Doctor Man himself as part of a plan to deal with both Bioman and the traitorous Big Three.


An octopus-themed Mecha-Gigan with telepathically controlled electric tentacles for attacking and electric suction cups, as well as a special device to control the trap set by Doctor Man to defeat Bioman. It also possesses semi-solid armor.


Octopus Canth is a special Mecha-Gigan created by Doctor Man at the culmination of a plot to prove that the Big Three were rebelling against him after learning that he was human; connected likewise to a secret weapon that Bioman was lead to by Mechaclone #1 in believe it would take them down. The weapon, using tentacles that are associated with the Mecha-Gigan, capture four of Bioman while destroying Mechaclone #1, forcing Red1 to use his Fire Sword in order to destroy the receptor. When Bioman take it on head on, it is a tough battle due to its soft body, but they ultimately defeat it with a combo of their Dashing Beam and Weight Attack from Bio Robo's Super Maser.


Octopus canth

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