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"Okay, back to business. Who wants to be the first to join the Green one in the jar!?"

Octophantom is an octopus/elephant monster created by Lord Zedd.


Lord Zedd assigned Octophantom the job of capturing the Rangers in a magic jar and draining them of their powers. Octophantom is very vain and considers himself to be very handsome. He is also rather poncey and doesn't like to get hit in the face (particularly speaking, his trunk). Other than his undying love for himself, Octophantom is also extremely powerful. He is able to trap four of the Rangers, but Billy & Jason concoct a plan to use a mirror in order to occupy Octophantom's attention and free their captured friends. Octophantom falls for the trick, and the team is reunited. Zedd grows angrier and makes Octophantom grow, which leads to the Power Rangers finishing him off with the Thunder Megazord. The Power Stealer

Octophantom was recreated by Finster , so He could accompany Rito Revolto, Fighting Flea, Lizzinator, and Stag Beetle in destroying the Thunder Megazord and White Tigerzord. He is defeated early in the fight by a kick from Thunder Megazord. Regardless, he recovers after the fight and cheers with Rito and the other three monsters following the destruction of the Rangers' Zords and powers. Soon after, he is in attendance with the other monsters at Zedd and Rita's palace after destroying the Thunderzords, but is not seen again afterwards. Ninja Quest

Octophantom was also in the large crowd of monsters in Prince Gasket's Machine Arena when Zeo Ranger V was brainwashed and made temporary king of the Machine Empire and battled Jason Lee Scott.King for a Day

He was later seen on planet Onyx, walking down the street past a hidden Andros. Flashes of Darkonda

Finally, he took part in Rita and Zedd's army on a planet in the Vica Galaxy during the United Alliance of Evil's final invasion. He is believed to have been destroyed with the army of monsters by Zordon's Energy Wave. Countdown to Destruction


  • Octophantom comes from what is commonly referred to as "Zyu2" footage, and was not seen in the original Zyuranger. Octophantom was originally intended to be destroyed by the Megazord. Recently released Zyu2 footage shows that Octophantom & Rita's putties with Zack, Kimberly, & Trini on crosses and also further confirms that he originally fought the Megazord instead of the Thunder Megazord.


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