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"OctoZord, I need you!"
―Antonio summoning the OctoZord[src]

The OctoZord is Gold Samurai Ranger's Zord that resembles a squid (though incorrectly referred to as an octopus). It has a special ink that can hit invisible enemies to make them visible.

The OctoZord was given by Jayden to Antonio as his parting present when he left years ago. Upon his return, Antonio reveals that he could utilize the OctoZord in the same way the rangers use their FoldingZords. It can be accessed by using symbol power on the mini emblem modes of their zords, and transforming the Barracuda Blade into the Mega Blade which turns Antonio into his Mega Mode form. Once in the cockpit, he uses the OctoZord disc, locks it onto the control panel and uses it to execute certain commands. The Mega Blade folds and becomes a joystick. Super attacks are performed with Antonio's 'home-made' Samurai Morpher.

Octo Spear Megazord

Octo Spear Megazord Cockpit

Octo Spear Megazord cockpit

The Octo Spear Megazord is formed when the OctoZord forms into armor for the Samurai Megazord to wear. Its attacks include Spear Thrust, Ice Breath and its finisher Electric Spear. It was used to finish off Steeleto and Antberry.

Appearances: Samurai Episodes

Claw Battlezord North

Claw Battlezord North combines the Claw Battlezord with the OctoZord and attacks with the OctoZord as a lance. It has a gold and red face. It is the only Claw Battlezord formation that requires Samurai artillery.

Samurai Battle Cannon

Samurai Battle Cannon is the combination of the Samurai Battlewing, and OctoZord which acts as a cannon for the Claw Armor Megazord to use as a weapon. It was used to destroy Arachnitor and Armadeevil.


  • Unlike its Sentai counterpart, which is based on a squid, the OctoZord is based on an octopus. This re-theming is inexcusable in terms of appearance, as the OctoZord more closely resembles a squid.
  • In The Ultimate Duel, the Samurai Battle Cannon is briefly seen in front of Rhinosnorus as an error.

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