The Octavian Chalice was a powerful relic known to the villains who sought the jewels of the Corona Aurora. It was created to work in conjunction with three other powerful artifacts: Minerva's Staff, the Sands of Silla, and the Root of Hesper. Flurious and Moltor, Miratrix and Kamdor, and the Fearcats all competed over these artifacts, with the Fearcats eventually obtaining them all and using them to create Agrios. Agrios was destroyed, but the Fearcats were aware that the Octavian Chalice had other uses.


Octavian Chalice

The Rangers obtained the chalice upon the Fearcats' defeat, and learned that it had been used in ancient times to obtain desired gifts. However, during their attempt to learn the location of the final gem of the Corona Aurora, Miratrix seized the chalice, and its power mutated her into a monstrous owl-like form. The Rangers managed to defeat her, however, and the chalice became a golden plate that was then stolen by Kamdor. This plate would prove the key to unlocking the hiding place of the final gem.

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