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Character History

Ocarnan Amy (オカーナ星人エイミー Okānaseijin Eimī, 12): Amy is a giant alien baby whose cradle pod landed on Earth. Amy is able to grow into giant-size, but because she cannot control this ability yet, she has a special pacifier on her mouth to inhibit the growth. Umeko was assigned to take care of Amy until her parents arrive to pick her up. An Igaroid, however, was sent by Rainian Agent Abrella to kidnap Amy, for her cries are shockwaves powerful enough to cause mass-destruction. In a sense of "motherly" defense, DekaPink used Dekaranger Robo to destroy the Igaroid and Heavy Industrial Machine Devil Capture 3 to protect Amy. Shortly after the ordeal, Amy returned to her home planet with her parents.


  • She has a special pacifier to make sure she stays her regular size.



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Behind the Scenes

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