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"Carranger! Thank goodness you're here!"
―OO Batton's first words
OO Batton (オロオロバットン OroOro Batton, 40)

Character History

PRT Count Nocturne

OO Batton alternate

Bowzock's best prankster that was sent to distract the Carrangers by pretending to be their friend, ultimately becoming friends with Minoru Uesugi and joining in his celebrations of all things Osaka. However, his true intention was to lure the Carrangers and their mech into a pit-trap set up by the Bowzock under the city to trap them and make them easily vulnerable for attack. He wielded a staff in battle with a hammer on one end and a drill on the other. After parts of both VRV Robo and RV Robo were damaged by Batton (VRV Robo's torso, and RV Robo's limbs), Minoru ultimately mixed and matched the remaining mechs into Scramble Intersection Robo, which ultimately destroyed Batton after not heeding to Minoru's final pleas of friendship.


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

  • His motif is that of a vampire bat.

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