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Nurikabe (ヌリカベ 1, 5, 6 & 12) is a wall Youkai. He and his brother Mokumokuren captured humans and bet on them to see who can escape their maze first, with the loser giving the winner his gold.

He posed as a Hoodie Man (スタジャン男 Sutajan Otoko).

Character History

Kakuranger nurikabe human

Nurikabe's human guise

He became furious after losing, when his brother's choice Saizou escapes, taking out his frustration on the boy whom he bet on previously. When Ninja Blue comes to the boy's aid, Nurikabe uses his Battle Tile transformation Ninpou to fight the Kakurangers before enlarging. Blue Logan defeated him before destroying the manor that contained the maze. Blue Logan was about to destroy Nurikabe when Mokumokuren intervened. Ep. 5: The Uneven Strange Gamers

Having fallen in love with Tsuruhime, Mokumokuren uses a necklace he and his brother bought under false pretenses to place the kunochi under his spell to trick her into a legal binding marriage. After a "fixed" Youkai marriage court and Nurikabe's death by the Shark Machine. Ep. 6: The Eyeball Prince!

A replica of Nurikabe is created with a pincher right arm, fading once Tengu was killed. Ep. 12: They Came Foorth!! New Juushou

Before his death, Nurikabe was one of four potential Youkai husbands who Sunakake Babaa dreamed of marrying before turning to Daimaou himself after they were all killed by the Kakurangers. Ep. 34: The Bride's Sandy Hell!!

Though unseen, Nurikabe's spirit presumably emerged within the Seal Door along with all the other defeated Youkai, after their master Daimaou was finally contained there by the Kakurangers. Reeling that they were now powerless in captivity, the Youkai all vowed that they would one day be reborn and regain their power, cursing humanity. Final Ep.: Sealing!!



Nurikabe is impatient and petty, taking out his frustration for his failures on others.


Mokumokuren: Brother

Modus and Arsenal

  • Ninpo
    • Battle Tile: Changes into a leaner, more battle ready form
    • Brick Hurricane: Launches dozens of bricks at his opponents.
    • Wall Crush: Encloses opponent in walls, impales them with spears, and explodes them.


Kakuranger nurikabe traditional

A traditional Nurikabe, as shown by The Announcer


concept art


Behind the Scenes

  • Nurikabe, like most of Kakurangers youkai, is a modernization of a Japanese mythological creature. The traditional Nurikabe was a living wall that blocked roads, and is depicted here covered in inner-city graffiti.

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