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Nunchaku Banki (ヌンチャクバンキ Nunchaku Banki): A nunchaku Special Land/Sea/Air Pollution Type Savage Sky Barbaric Machine Beast created by Meka in Engine Sentai Go-onger vs. Gekiranger. Because his creator is of the Confrontation Beast-Fist Akugata, Nunchaku Banki can perform Ringi. After being installed with the Dōkokugan Soul, Nunchaku Banki becomes super powerful until he is forced to shut down by Go-on Red and GekiRed. However, his lifeless body is later used by Long in the form of Long Banki before its destruction by Engine-Oh G12 and SaiDaiGekiRinTohja's combined final attack, The Engine Beast Grand Prix.

  • Nunchaku Banki's Ringi: Air Splitting Wave is a dimensional Ringi, and Delayed Weakening is a Ringi that has a delayed effect on the opponent that injures him.

concept art

Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen

Nunchaku Banki was Revived as a Member of Dai-Zangyack. When Dai-Shocker and Dai-Zangyack reveals their alliance and fight against the combined Super Sentai and Kamen Rider forces, Nunchuck Banki is among a group led by the Crime Minister Yogoshimacritein and the Bat Fangire of the Fangires , who was leading a group of Fangires,and Banki to fight against the Go-Ongers and Kamen Rider Kiva. However, they're all destroyed again at once by a combined finisher attack from the Go-Ongers and Kiva.

Super Hero Taisen Z

Nunchaku Banki was part of an Army of Resurrected (mostly Super Sentai) monsters led by Space RaiderIcon-crosswiki after the revival of MadouIcon-crosswiki's Leader Demon King PsychoIcon-crosswiki. They proceeded to attack the gathering of Kamen RidersIcon-crosswiki and Super Sentai, giving them a hard time. Nunchuck Banki helped beat Kamen Rider MeteorIcon-crosswiki with Karateloid, and Long. The heroes of recent years were in a pinch until the arrival of a force of Sentai and Rider reinforcements led by Akarenger and Kamen Rider Ichigo. The combined forces of superheroes were able to turn the tide against the Madou army. They lined up and used their various finisher attacks to destroy the revived monsters.


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