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"This isn't funny!"
―Numbor's final words before his demise.[src]

Numbor is a number-altering scholar/calculator monster used by Divatox. He is able to add and subtract from any measurable quantity. He serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Weight and See".


Numbor was created by Porto and enjoyed mathematics but was a crazy monster. He is able to add and subtract from any measurable quantity. He demonstrated this by changing the tides in the ocean and was able to change the weight of everything that had weight. Even at his battle phase he forced the Rangers to learn mathematics. He was sent by Divatox to enhance the ocean and flood the region with a detonator. Tommy and Kat first encountered Numbor but he then subtracted a lot of weight from Kat, making her levitate.

Kat was flying at the roof of the Power Chamber and couldn't help her friends. While she was being tended to at the Power Chamber. Numbor battled the other four Rangers and added weight to both Tommy and Adam, and subtracted weight from Justin. The buttons on his body were helping him change the weight of his victims. The detonator was on the beach as it seems that he would have the upper hand until Katherine realized that her own insecurity was the problem, returned to the battle and defeated him.

Dimitria saved Kat and returned her to normal and Kat joined her friends. Kat proved to Numbor that he was mistaken so Divatox enlarged Numbor and he fought the Turbo Megazord. Numbor turned the first button into a rocket silo, blasting at the Turbo Megazord, he turned the second button into a giant duck making a loud duck sound and he turn the third button into an ear which it was useless. But the Rangers eventually defeated the monster and was destroyed by the Turbo Megazord. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Weight and See


Numbor was a cunning, calculating, devious and sneaky monster. He was childish and dimwitted, and mentally ill and will not stop at nothing to flood the region with a detonator. He was obsessed with mathematics. The rangers were hard to defeat him, especially Kat, because of his magic abilities. Numbor also enjoyed changing weight of his victims. The rangers had to work hard to undo his powers and finally stop him. But he is also loyal to Divatox.

Powers and Abilities


  • Weight Changing: Numbor can change weight of his victims, like he did to rangers, such as adding it and subtracting it.
  • Buttons Transforming: Numbor can transform his buttons into weapons, such as:
    • Rocket Transformation: Numbor can turn his buttons into rocket and throw it at his enemies.
    • Duch Transforming: Numbo can turn his buttons into giant ducks.


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