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Number 51 (Final Ep.) : I'm Sure I'll See You Again (きっと、また逢える Kitto, Mataaeru) is the fifty-first and final episode of Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger. It features the only appearance of Super Patren 1gou, Super Patren X, and the only televised appearance of Jackpot Striker after his appearance in Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger en Film.


The Lupinrangers have finally managed to defeat their greatest enemy, Zamigo Delma! All of the victims from the serial freezing incidents and other killings committed by Zamigo are being liberated from their ice prisons! Among them, are the Lupinranger's loved ones: Kairi's older brother, Shori, Tooma's fiancee, Aya, and Umika's childhood friend, Shiho. Although the Lupinrangers are celebrating fulfilling their wish, they remain trapped inside of Dogranio Yaboon's safe, sealed off by an indestructible chain! The Patrangers confront Dogranio with an overwhelming show of force, however...


Following from the previous episode, Kairi, Tooma and Umika finally defeated Zamigo and all of his victims are free from his ice prison. The best thing is that Kairi's older brother, Shori, Tooma's fiancee, Aya, and Umika's childhood friend, Shiho are also free from the ice prison. Despite being happy, the Lupinrangers are still stuck in Dogranio's safe. Meanwhile the Patrangers are still struggling to defeat Dogranio when Noel discovers that the Lupin Collections from Dogranio's safe are vanishing and making him lose his powers. So the Patrangers and Noel transform one more to defeat Dogranio. Despite Super Patren X and Super Patren 1gou defeating Dogranio, they are unable to finish him as the Lupinrangers are still stuck in the safe and the Patrangers and Noel remembers their memories with Kairi, Tooma and Umika, so they imprison him. One year later, the Patrangers got super popular over the news and every social media sites. Jim found out there was one Gangler remaining and the Patrangers found the Gangler only to meet the Lupinrangers outside of Dogranio's safe. They reveal that inside of the safe, Jackpot Striker appeared and got them out. It turns out that Noel scouted out Shori, Aya and Shiho to get Jackpot Striker to rescue them. The Patrangers were relieved until Keichiro asked if they are still going to be thieves despite their loved ones are back. The Lupinrangers state that they still need to complete the Lupin Collection which includes the pieces in the possession of the Patrangers. Then the two teams end up on a friendly fight.


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  • During Super Patren 1gou's tranformation sequence, the "Great Patrise" sound was not played.


From left to right: Mai Ooishi, Yuki Nagata, Sumiko Tanaka and Michiko Makino.

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