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The Nosakamata (ノサカマタ) are monsters within the Sanzu River that are more powerful than the Nanashi Company, resembling tremendous, skull-like, eyeless, crocodilian heads on two legs, and can shoot fireballs from their mouths. There are also some Nosakamata known as the Ōnosakamata (大ノサカマタ, Ōnosakamata), which are naturally born giant. Appearing in the Shinkenger movie are the Kusare Nosakamata (クサレノサカマタ, Kusare Nosakamata), blue-skinned versions of the Nosakamata.

In Tensou Sentai Goseiger vs. Shinkenger: Epic on Ginmaku, the Strengthened Nosakamata (強化ノサカマタ, Kyōka Nosakamata) and the Strengthened Ōnosakamata (強化大ノサカマタ, Kyōka Ōnosakamata) resemble black skinned Nosakamata and Ōnosakamata.




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  • Their name is a portmanteau of nozuchi (野槌), a A fat snake-like youkai that is a spirit of the earth that is found in open plains hiding in the shadows of the plants and trees and sakamata (逆叉) is the archaic name for the orca, the animal that is the basis of the shachihoko.

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