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Norishiron Final (ノリシロン最終, Norishiron Fainaru) was another version of Norishiron repainted silver that was supplied directly by Exhaus and was piloted by President Gynamo, Zelmoda, and Grotch to distract the Carranger while Exhaus himself stole away the Carmagic constellations. Though easily able to stand up to the VRV Robo on it's own, it could not handle the separated VRV Machines, before VRV Robo finished it off with it's Victory Twister. It was the final mecha of Carranger, good or otherwise.


Norishiron is equipped with an axe like its predecessor, as well as the following attacls; Final Typhoon (a puff of smoke projected from the left eye), Final Kick (a massive double kick powerful enough to knock down the VRV Robo) and Final Flash (a massive blast of energy from it's left eye). Its strongest attack is Final Twister, an attack that is based off VRV Robo's Victory Twister attack, involving firing red lasers and a massive swirlk of red energybeing able to presumably obliterate the VRV Robo, but it quickly dodged that. It was able to even hold back the Victory Twister itself though ultimately no match against the actual attack itself.


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