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"There you are Carranger! Today is the day we defeat you!"
Gynamo when the Carrangers arrived.[src]


Norishiron Final (ノリシロン最終, Norishiron Fainaru) was the third and final version of Norishiron 12 repainted silver as well as the final mecha in Carranger.


In order to buy time for him to disable the CarMagic constellations, Exhaus supplied the Bowzock with Norishiron Final and told them to keep the Carrangers pre-occupied. Zelmoda, Grotch, and Gynamo took personal control of it and went to Earth. Dappu soon detected them and the Carrangers went to investigate only to find this giant robot. Gynamo arrogantly announced that they would die here but Kyosuke shrugged it off and they summoned the VRV Machines, forming VRV Robo. They tried to hit it with their V-Guns, but the robot blocked it with an axe similar to the original Norishiron. They then blew it back with the Final Typhoon, but it grabbed a building so took it down with the Final Kick.

They blasted the team before summoning its twin cannons for the Final Twister, but VRV Robo separated into the VRV Fighers. Initially confused, they decided to attack V-Dozer and V-Rescue but they were unfazed and V-Police and V-Dump held him straight whilst V-Fire charged. It dodged the cannon fire by changing into vehicle mode and punching it back and they reassembled into VRV Robo. The trio had the bright idea to attack it in the sky so unleashed the Final Twister only for the Carrangers to summon thier cannons and fire the Victory Twister as a counter. Although the Final Twister held out temporarily, Norishiron Final was destroyed, which forced Gynamo and the others into a battle on the ground with the Combatant Wumpers. However, Exhaus had succeeded in his plans by then and stripped the Carrangers of their powers.

Powers and Abilities

  • Flight: Norishiron Final was able to fly using the jet thrusters in its boots.
  • Final Typhoon: Norishiron can fire a stream of white mist from it's left eye strong enough to push back VRV Robo.
  • Final Kick: Norishiron can perform a massive double kick powerful enough to knock down VRV Robo.
  • Final Flash: Norishiron Final can fire a massive blast of yellow energy from it's right eye.


  • Axe: Like the original Norishiron, Norishiron Final wields a large axe in combat but this version is gold and able to stop blasts from the V-Guns.
  • Cannons: Norishiron Final can summon two black cannons identical to the Victory Twister cannons.
    • Final Twister: Norishiron Final's strongest attack which is based off VRV Robo's Victory Twister attack, involving firing red lasers and a massive swirl of red energy being able to presumably obliterate the VRV Robo, but it quickly dodged that. It was able to even hold back the Victory Twister itself though ultimately no match against the actual attack itself.


  • Originally, Gynamo was planned to pilot Ballinger Z rather than Norishiron Final. This mecha was created when Toei had to drop Ballinger Z due to its similarity to Mazinger Z and copyright issues surrounding the similarities.
  • This version was never adapted to Power Rangers Turbo.


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