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Norishiron Extra (ノリシロン増刊, Norishiron Zōkan) is a special-edition red Norishiron from the same magazine as the original. It appears exclusively during the climax of Gekisou Sentai Carranger vs. Ohranger.


Noorishiron Extra demonstrated many powers that the original did not have such as being ab;le to charge itself up with red energy whilst falling to Earth an then being able to grab onto and electrocute it's enemies. It's main attack however is charging it's horn up with blue enrgy to stab forth and impale into the mecha which was rendered useless after it lost it's horns.


According to Exhaus, this version of Norishiron (a "Special Edition") was included in the special issue of Space Land Magazine. After Ohranger Robo and VRV Robo knocked back Bara Mobile and SS Sutatanzo, Norishiron Extra was sent by Exhaus to assist SS Sutatanzo and Bara Mobile in taking down the Carrangers and Ohrangers. The mech easily overwhelmed both of them. This forced Signalman to deploy in Sirender. Norishiron Extra tried it's horn attack again but Surender's Siren Shield blocked it and Ohranger Robo cleaved off the extended horns with it's Super Crown Sword. The mecha then each take on a different foewith Ohranger Robo fighting Mobile, VRV Robo taking on Sutatanzo, and Sirender fighting Norishiron Extra. Norishiron was no match for Sirender and Norishiron Extra was destroyed by the Siren Vulcan alongside Bara Mobile.



concept art

  • Like Norishiron Final, this Zord was never adapted into Power Rangers Turbo which was due to there never being a team-up between Power Rangers Turbo and Power Rangers Zeo since both had the same cast (with the Zeo cast bowing out partway through and not wishing to return).
  • Unlike the other versions of Norishiron, it had no direct pilot and seemed to either be remote controlled or have an AI controlling it.


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