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Norishiron 12 (ノリシロン12 Norishiron Tuerubu) is piloted by Deputy Leader Zelmoda. Created from giant cardboard punchouts from a magazine provided by Reckless Dash Emperor Exhaus (similar to a real magazine, TV Land, that includes punchout cardboard toys based on Sentai shows) and then made real. Nearly defeated VRV Robo and Sirender, but retreated when its arm fell off because Inventor Grotch forgot to install an important pin. It reappeared later, helping the giant PP Chiipuri, but was accidentally sprayed with his youth cream and returned to its cardboard sheets before exploding and being destroyed in the process. Ep. 37: The Dreadful Universal Highway ProjectEp. 38: Back Alright!? Imo-Youkan Life

Norishiron Extra

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concept art

  • Norishiron 12's name comes from Norishiro (糊代), which means "Overlap"
    • The "12" in the name is actually in reference to the month of "December", due to the plans for the mecha coming in the December issue of "Uchuu Land"; magazines in Japan are usually labeled for the next future month, thus the "December" issue would be released in the month of November, when this episode of Carranger originally aired.
  • This is the only Norishiron model that was adapted for Power Rangers Turbo.

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