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"Oh, no, they... Can't be quiet. No, they like each other very much. They call each other fun names. Flurious calls his brother "nitwit." And Mr. Moltor calls his brother a "wimpy." I think they like each other ever since Flurious smashed Mr. Moltor's little red sled. I love sleds!"

Norg is a Yeti who created and lives in an ice cave where Flurious took up residence when he arrived on Earth.


Norg shared his home with Flurious and the Chillers, though he only sees them as "New friends." He possesses a childlike innocence, working hard to try and earn Flurious' respect without realizing the evil nature of his house guest or the contempt that Flurious has for him. Norg didn't consider Flurious evil.

Norg is not very smart, as it shows when he reveals innermost secrets about Moltor and Flurious to Mack, and then, Mack uses that information to turn the already-quarreling brothers against each other long enough to find a way to escape. Tvicon TV STORY-Follow the Ranger However, he can be helpful at times, such as the time he'd aided the Sentinel Knight in a ritual that was to revive Tyzonn from a comatose state.

Norg has also proven that he can defend himself and others, because after he and Tyzonn's companion Vella were left to be destroyed by Flurious' Chillers, he'd fought off all of the Chillers and brought Vella to the Hartford Mansion, where he (possible) stay at the Hartford Mansion as his new home. Tvicon TV STORY-Crown and Punishment

Norg is proud of his name, stating that it was inherited from his family bloodline. He said that he was called "Norg" to shorten his given name, which is just an elongated pronunciation of his "nickname." He claims to be one of the last Yetis on Earth, with the only other known specimen being his cousin Sasquatch, who he reportedly hadn't talked to for some time.


Norg is a dim-witted but very friendly yeti that will do anything to help out. He tries and fails to get the attention of Flurious, yet always ends up the victim of his wrath. He is easily manipulated by either side, so his gullibility serves as a weakness. Norg served Flurious unknowingly, he didn't notice the evil nature of Flurious and considered him as a friend and aided Flurious in all of his schemes. However, Norg was actually a kindhearted and sympathetic individual and often even helped the Rangers. He also showed to care about Vella and he saved her from Flurious and the Chillers and brought her to Tyzonn. After saving Vella, Norg presumably lived in Hartford Mansion.


Powers And Abilities[]

  • Skilled Fighter: Despite his comical appearance, Norg showed himself as a capable fighter. In the final episode, he saved Vella by defeating dozen of Chillers.
  • Cold Resistance: Due to his fur, Norg is extremely resistant to the cold.

Behind the Scenes[]




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