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Noranekolar is Vader Monster "35" of the Vader Clan

Character History

Noranekolar was specifically summoned by General Hedrer to find a disgusting gas the Vader Clan required for creating bombs to attack Japan with. However the first site where the gas was excavated by the Vader forces was a factory where Yumiko and Kiyama were raising an abandoned puppy that the little girl couldn't keep at home. When DenziYellow discovers the Vader, they attack and capture him, forcing him to tell the puppy Goro to find Yumiko or the Denziman and alert them to find them and come to their rescue. Goro ultimately finds Yumiko, and the two reach the other Denziman where they discover the site of the last Vader gas collection site. Stopping the Vader Clan's plot, they fight Noranekolar; the team has a hard time until DenziBlue uses his animal mimicry abilities to become a cat, attacking the Vader Monster with cat scratches that forces it down until all five use the cat mimicry to scratch it into growing into giant size. However when the team use DaiDenzin to attack it, Noranekolar leaps on top of Denzi Sword when it is initially summoned and prevent them from using their finisher immediately, striking them with a fire attack! Using DenziBall to distract Noranekolar and wear down its energy, they finally have it right where needed to use Electric Full-Moon Cut to finish it off.


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Noranekolar is stated to having the best nose of all Vader Monsters, enough to allow for it to discover the gas required by the Vader Clan for a plot. He likewise uses multiple cat-like abilities such as sharp cat scratches and high leaping to avoid attacks. He can also use grenades and mouth flames and can change his size.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Naming: "Noraneko" - "Stray Cat"


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