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Noppera Bōma (ノッペラボーマ Noppera Bōma) is a Boma Beast of the Hundred Boma Tribes under Wandering Boma Kirika.


Noppera Boma's face switching ability

Kirika uses Noppera Boma in a scheme to create more Boma through regret by having this Boma Beast switch faces before they ultimately melt away and become faceless. As part of the scheme, the Boma Beast takes advantage of an ugly Musashino Academy student, switching his face with the more popular and handsome Yohei to prove his power. However, Kubata (the ugly student), had an unexpected trump card that weakened the Boma Beast: his pimple cream, which when applied to a girl's face, ended up preventing her face from being switched with another. After a mad dash between the Boma and the Turboranger, Yohei claims the pimple cream and uses it on Noppera Boma to regain his own face, then assaults him with his empowered J Gun/Turbo Laser combo with a J Machinegun as the Turboranger "draw" a face on him before the team finishes him off with the V-Turbo Bazooka. After Kirika grows Noppera Boma, the team fully defeats him with Turbo Rugger.


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Powers and Abilities


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While with tough strength and resistance, his greatest maneuver is the ability to literally changes faces with his two limbs, using his power to at first switch faces before ultimately the victims become faceless, as part of a scheme to create more regret in human to increase the number of Boma. His power, though, doesn't work on either those wearing a mask (such as the transformed Turborangers) or those who have on Kubata's special pimple ointment.

Behind the Scenes


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