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God ramen

God Ramen

Noodle Jigen (ヌードルジゲン, Nūdorujigen, 10,27): Originally a Ramen bowl infused with Tran's Dimensional Bug, this monster assumes the guise of God Ramen (ゴッドラーメン, Goddo Ramen) to trick Ako's classmate, Tatsuta, into creating the Cheerful Ako-Chan Ramen using his special noodles, which would make any who eat it aggressively impatient with superhuman strength after hearing Noodle Jigen play his hypnotic flute. Once Tasuta learns the truth, this monster attempts to kill him when Ako arrives to aid her friend. Though the monster overpowers her, Tatsuta uses Noodle Jigen's dependence on hot water against him, holding him off until the Jetman arrive with an eager Yellow Owl, having ate the ramen prior, and Blue Swallow leading the attack. Once Jet Icarus is formed, it destroys the monster and breaks his spell. Later Noodle Dimension was one of four dead Dimension Beasts that tormented the souls of Jetman after they were trapped in Hell. It possessed Jet Icarus during the mecha battle until a priest exorcised it, and was then destroyed by Great Icarus, perhaps forever.

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