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"Psycho Pink!"
―Psycho Pink's roll call[src]

Psycho Pink is the Pink Ranger of the Psycho Rangers. She later comes to be known as Nokrea.

She is also referred to as Pink Psycho Ranger - a variation on her in-show label.


This article contains content in reference to the main TV series, as well as supplemental material, such as the comics. A sliding/floating timeline applies. Story instances for TV and other media will be clearly marked.

Astronema created the Psycho Rangers, including Pink, from individuals she destroyed and used as raw materials. Dark Specter gave her the ability to do so. After "making" them. They became staunchly loyal to their "mother". Tvicon.png TV STORY-Power Rangers: The Psycho Path

In Space

Rangers Gone Psycho

The Rangers go back to their meal only to see a news report of destruction downtown, and are even more surprised to find the Power Rangers are already on the scene, The "Power Rangers" awkwardly agree to an interview with the reporter that ends in a shower of shots from their Astro Blasters. The real Power Rangers show up and watch the news crew run away, frightened. The fake Red Ranger then reveals that they are not Power Rangers, they are the Psycho Rangers and transform into far more menacing forms. Using their weapons, they easily beat the Rangers around and use their powers to read their minds and learn their fighting styles. As the Rangers quickly become overwhelmed Zhane shows up and the Psychos retreat for the moment.

After a short meeting with Astronema, the Psychos return to Earth to mercilessly hunt down the Rangers. The Psychos use the Rangers' communicator sound to track them, but end up attacking random civilians because of the Copernicus 2000. When the Rangers hear about the attacks, T.J. warns Zhane, but has unknowingly set Zhane up to be snatched by the Psychos.

Zhane is tied up and held at the old library. The Rangers get to the library but it's surrounded by a force field, and they'll need to morph to break through which would surely be heard by the Psychos. Knowing they need a distraction, they set up a decoy in the MegaTank which the Psychos chase after. Running very fast, the Psychos quickly catch up and blast it off the road only to find they've been tricked. The Rangers morph and easily break through the force field, but the Psychos quickly descend on them before they are able to reach Zhane. The Psychos release their irritation by violently thrashing the Power Rangers. Just as the Psychos are about to destroy the Power Rangers, they are mysteriously teleported away. Even though the Psychos left the scene, they still left their mark on the Power Rangers. Having freed himself, Zhane quickly rushes to the side of his friends. The Rangers realise the Psycho Rangers are a serious threat and won't be easily defeated.

Irritated once more, the Psychos quickly confront Astronema and demand to know why they were halted from destroying the Rangers. Astronema puts the Psychos in check and reminds them of who wears the pants on the Dark Fortress. Once the Psychos leave, Astronema reveals to Ecliptor that the Psychos get their power by draining it from Dark Specter. She goes on further to reveal that she seeks to use the Psychos to destroy the Power Rangers and Dark Specter so she may rule over all.

Carlos on Call

Aboard the Dark Fortress, Psycho Red argues that he would defeated the Rangers if Psycho Black had interfered before Astronema tells him that they defeat one ranger at a time, starting with the Pink Ranger, which pleases Psycho Pink.

Mission to Secret City

In this episode the Psycho Rangers appear as ghosts at the beginning of the episode.

Ghosts in the Machine

Psycho Rangers returns

The ghosts of the Psycho Rangers use the machine in reverse, restoring them to their original state. Ecliptor is overpowered by the Psycho Rangers, and the stolen cards are used to restore the Power Rangers.

The Psycho Rangers follow the Rangers outside the control room and they begin to fight. The two teams are evenly matched, as Andros has Alpha contact Zhane and inform him of the situation. Meanwhile, the Spiral Saber Booster Mode and Quadroblaster do no damage to the Psychos; instead both weapons cause them to transform into their monster forms.

Meanwhile, Zhane, having been informed of the situation, travels to the Secret City's main tower, and, after a short fight with Ecliptor, is finally able to get up to the control room, find the data cards in a cabinet, figure out the computer, and try his luck with just three cards to start. He is able to restore the Professor, Bulk, and Skull back to normal; and then the kidnapped citizens of Angel Grove back to normal. Zhane then contacts Alpha 6 and tells him to teleport them back home; in addition, he tells Carlos that Silvy is alright, despite the two never having met each other.

The Rangers lead the Psychos back to the control room, where Zhane is still making some adjustments on the computer, and just as his teammates arrive, he is able to successfully navigate the data laser using a screen that links the computer to the machine (with colored dots for each side; Psychos blue and Rangers red). After finally getting his teammates to get the Psychos to the center of the room, Zhane uses the machine to turn them into data cards. However, just as Zhane secures the cards, the system overloads and the whole place begins to fall apart, so the Rangers teleport out and Zhane drops the cards on the computer's console as the Secret City is wiped out. The Rangers end up teleporting on the beach, with no sign of their missing teammate.

The Power Rangers desperately continue to search for Zhane, when he suddenly appears behind them; he informs them he was trying to get the data cards secured before the place exploded but was unsuccessful; however, his teammates understand and they're grateful he is OK. They escape back home, and the Psycho Rangers' data cards are left in Astronema's possession.

A Rift in the Rangers

She almost killed Cassie but was interrupted by Astronema. When Astronema decided the Psycho Rangers would take on one Space Ranger at a time, Psycho Pink was selected to fight first. However, she went in a secret alliance with Psycho Yellow that ended abruptly when Yellow betrayed her. The Pink and Yellow Space Rangers used this to their advantage and defeated Psycho Pink. In her monster form, Psycho Pink was a plant-like monster, which a problem for the rangers when she steals the Mega Winger's Blaster. Fortunately, Psycho Pink was destroyed by the Mega Voyager's V3 Missile attack before She had a chance to steal the weapon as well. Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Rift in the Rangers After being destroyed the first time, her spirit joined the Psycho Rangers into attacking the Space Rangers at Secret City. She was digitized and sent to an unknown planet.

Lost Galaxy

To the Tenth Power

When the Psycho Rangers returned in Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy Deviot obtains familiar data cards from a stranger on an alien planet. As the stranger tries to double cross him, Deviot spots him and blasts him. Back on the Scorpion Stinger, Deviot materializes the data on the cards and the Psycho Rangers are reborn, this time under Deviot's control. The Psychos are dispatched to capture the Rangers. First, Psychos Yellow and Black abduct Maya and Damon. Kai and Kendrix are next and put up a fight against Psychos Pink and Blue but are also kidnapped. Finally, Everyone morphs, and the power team of eleven heroes stands ready to fight for all that is good. Both sides charge at each other, igniting a furious battle that will go down in Ranger history. Each Psycho takes on two Rangers. Magna Defender takes on Deviot and Villamax and does extremely well against them. The Space Rangers whip out the Spiral Saber and Quadro Blaster, and fire at the Psycho Rangers. The Galaxy Rangers follow it up with an Orion energy attack,destroying the Psycho Rangers again. Tvicon.png TV STORY-To the Tenth Power

The Power of Pink

Pink was the only Psycho to survive, and then launched a new attack to claim the Pink Ranger powers. She managed to destroy the Pink Space Ranger's Astro Morpher with the Savage Sword, and while Psycho Pink fought the Space and Galaxy Rangers in their Megazords, the Pink Galaxy Ranger managed to destroy the Savage Sword and save the Pink Space Ranger at the cost of her own life. She turned into her plant monster form again and was finally defeated by combined efforts of both the Astro Megazord and Galaxy Megazord, which can send her down to the Shadow World. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Power of Pink

Shattered Grid

During the event's of Shattered Grid, Lord Drakkon recruited Psycho Pink for the takeover of Corinth and the final battle on the moon.

The Psycho Path

After Karone and Trek revive the Psycho Rangers, Pink was the first to recognize Karone as a mother figure. Due to her cruel history and treatment by others, Nokrea was at first confused and utterly bewildered by the mercy and compassion shown to her, even by the closest thing she has ever had to a parent. However, she was the first Psycho Ranger to choose a name for herself, showing her newfound independence from her initial programming. More so than any other member of her family, she understood why Karone initially wanted to reprogram them a second time and planned to kill them again. She understood that she was a flawed creation and accepted Karone's reasoning. This displays an intense level of self-awareness that eluded many of the others. In her downtime on the Psycho Megaship, Nokrea appears to enjoy watching movies in her quarters.


She is the most lethal of the Psycho Rangers, given she seems to be the most power-hungry, sadistic, and intelligent. Though it is possible that one could argue this with the leader, Psycho Red.

However upon her rebirth and being under the wing of a reformed Karone, her personality changes drastically.


Psycho Pink


Pink Space Ranger


Psycho Pink Monster Form



  • It should be noted that Psycho Pink was the first Psycho Ranger to be destroyed during In Space, but the last one to be destroyed during Lost Galaxy.
  • She is the only Psycho Ranger and the first villain to kill a Ranger, even if the death was only temporarily.
  • She is supposedly the most lethal of the Psycho Rangers, given she seems to be the most power-hungry, sadistic, and intelligent. Though it is possible that one could argue this with the leader, Psycho Red. This may likely be evident her appearance in Lost Galaxy.
  • Unlike other Psycho Rangers, despite Psycho Pink being an essential evil counterpart of the Pink Space Ranger, she is also an evil counterpart of the Pink Mighty Morphin Ranger even more, due to her weapon, the Psycho Bow is a twisted version of the Power Bow. Same goes to Psycho Red being also an evil counterpart of the Red Mighty Morphin Ranger, due to his sword design.
    • She and Psycho Red are followed by a Boom! Studios’ comic book exclusive character Psycho Green, furthering their status as evil counterparts to both Space and Mighty Morphin Rangers of their respective colors.


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