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"Come to me, little laugh balls! You think laughter makes the world go round? I'm here to end that sound! My name's Nojoke and that's no joke. I want to silence laughter because it annoys me. So when people laugh, I TRAP THEM!"
―Nojoke's first words to the Mega Rangers after stealing laughter at a stand-up comedy session.[src]

"Ah! Wait! Ah!"
―Nojoke's final words before his initial defeat.[src]

"Now I can drink down the laughter in one giant gulp!"
―Nojoke after being enlarged by the Zombats.[src]

"This isn't funny!"
―Nojoke's final words before his death.[src]

Nojoke was a scorpion/Tengu-like Toxic Mutant who served as the main antagonist of the episode "Last Laugh."

Character History

Nojoke is summoned by Bigs and Bluefur when Vrak comes up with the idea of toppling humanity through laughter, which he considers both a waste of time and an involuntary weakness that can very well be exploited, an idea which both amuses and intrigues Admiral Malkor. Nojoke can trap anyone who laughs or giggles in a special gourd and whoever stays there for too long dissolves and is then drunk by the Mutant. He ensnares Gia, Emma, Jake, and Troy, forcing Noah and Robo Knight to work together and come up with a conjoined joke to oblige Nojoke to laugh and destroy the gourd himself. Once free, the Megaforce Rangers ascends to Ultra Mode and make short work of Nojoke with the Ultra Power Dynamic Strike

Nojoke's failure prompts Admiral Malkor to scold Vrak for the failure whilst commending the merits of his plan and tells him to have Nojoke redeem himself. Vrak agrees and responds by sending the Zombats to enlarge the Mutant, who desires to drink all the laughter in Harwood County in one gulp using his newly reformed gourd. In the ensuing battle, Nojoke blows powerful winds against the Gosei Great and Gosei Grand Megazords. The Sea Gosei Great Megazord is then formed to soak Nojoke's wings and render them useless, incapacitating him. The Megazord then attacks with the Grand Strike and finishes off Nojoke, who falls flat on his back and explodes.


Despite being an oddball, bird-like, blundering Toxic Mutant who was seemingly annoyed with human laughter, Nojoke was prone to laughing as a practical prankster himself, making him a hypocrite. He was overconfident in his abilities which ultimately ended in his death when the Mega Rangers had the last laugh at their final battle and the joke ended up being on him.

Powers and Abilities


  • Energy Deflection: Nojoke could deflect an energy-based attack with a swipe of his hand.
  • Flight: Being part bird, Nojoke can fly at high speed.
  • Winds of Discontent: Nojoke could generate a massive purple colored tornado in front of him by swinging his arms. It was powerful enough to push back the Red and Pink Rangers Twist Tornado combined attack.
  • Farting: Nojoke considered this his "secret weapon" where he could unleash an outrageous fart to induce laughter in his opponents, resulting in them being trapped inside of the Laughing Gourd.


  • Agility: Nojoke was one of the faster monsters as he could evade his enemies' blows with ease.
  • Extraordinary Jumper and Leaper: Nojoke could jump to incredible heights and distances.


  • No Laughter-Nojoke's power relied upon people laughing; if someone was unable to laugh (like Robo Knight) or found humor in nothing (like Noah), his powers were useless.
  • Own Laughter- Although he was the gourd's owner, Nokoke could not control who the gourd sucked up or not if they laugh. Not even Nojoke himself was immune to being sucked inside and he had to destroy it to prevent himself from gettting trapped.
  • Water Exposure-After being exposed to water by the Sea Gosei Great Megazord, Nojoke's wings were unable to generate wind currents and the Megazords were able to kill him.


  • Wings-Nojoke had large brown-black wings on his arms which he could flap for various effects:
    • Tornado Spin: Nojoke could flap his wings to form a purple colored tornado that covered a wide area and blew away his enemies.
    • Wind Slash: Nojoke could flap his wings to create purple colored wind-like energy slashes that blew his enemies away.
    • Energy Empowerment: Nojoke could charge up his wings with purple energy and swing them at full force.
    • Tickle Wind: Nojoke could flap his wings to fire purple colored wind that turned into ropes to wrap around the enemy all the while tickling them so they could be sent to the Laughing Gourd.
    • Hurricane Force Winds: Nojoke could flap his wings and blow his enemies from afar. It was powerful enough to push back the Gosei Great and Gosei Grand Megazords.

Nojoke’s Laughing Gourd

  • Laughing Gourd: Nojoke is always seen carrying a bottle-shaped gourd on the right side of his hip that absorbs anyone who laughs or even giggles into it and overtime, the victims will be liquified for his consumption. The people were freed when the bottle was destroyed.

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