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No Matter How You Slice It is the sixteenth episode of Power Rangers Dino Charge. It featured the debut of the Ptera Charge Megazord Para-Raptor Formation.


When one of Sledge's monsters manages to break the Rangers' bonds of friendship, it's up to Riley and Koda to remind their team what they truly mean to each other.


It's Riley's birthday, but unfortunately it appears everyone has forgotten. Koda and Riley talk about the latter's family, and about how he misses them. Naturally, Koda keeps Rileys's birthday to himself, so that if the others dont say anything, it is because they forgot.

Up on Sledge's ship, Poisandra and Curio are taunting the prisoners, when one of them, Shearfear decides to fight back, or rather cut back. As in cut Curio's friendship with Poisandra. This lands Shearfear in hot water with Sledge, who tells him to fix what he did, then go and cut the Ranger's friendships.

As the Rangers have fun on a sand dune near the local quarry, Shearfear spots them and cuts the bonds of four of the Rangers, leaving Koda and Riley left. However, his scissors break when he tries to cut Koda's bond, and he retreats. The broken Rangers cannot stand each other, and head back to base, bickering and fighting all the way there. They even make a mess in the kitchen while making a cake and cupcakes for Riley's surprise birthday party.

Between them, Koda, Riley and Kendall try to work out what is going on with the others, attempting classic friendship exercises to reignite their bonds. However their personalities clash and prevent any friendships from emerging. The four declare their decisions to resign from being Power Rangers, and their Energems begin to darken. Looking back on the footage Shelby's phone captured (it had been lost when they were duneboarding) he realises how Shearfear cut their bonds, and how they can repair them - they just need some of his scissors...

Wrench has been busy reinforcing Shearfear's scissors, and tells him under no circumstance is he to cut the Blue Ranger's bond, as it is far too strong to be destroyed. Shearfear spots Koda and Riley in the park, Riley moping about how badly his birthday has gone. Shearfear goes for Riley's bond, in the hopes of leaving Koda on his own. However, the scissors break just like before. As the Rangers grab the broken piece of scissor, their deception is revealed - Koda and Riley changed outfits (even putting on wigs) to sell the deception. Enraged, Shearfear attacks, but the pair run off to Kendall's truck to start fixing the bonds.

At the bus station, the four others are all boarding the bus out of town, pushing each other out of the way and generally being rude to each other. Riley and Koda arrive and shoot their new Dino Charger at the Rangers to restore their bonds. When the aliens catch up, Riley leads the team morph, and the six Rangers are reunited. The aliens put up a fight, but are no match for a combined assault and retreat, save for Shearfear who gets defeated by Ivan and Riley's twin thunder strike.

Wrench calls for some Vivizords, and the Rangers respond with the Dino Charge Megazord. However, Shearfear comes back and blindsides the Rangers, requiring Ivan in the Pterazord to bail them out. Shearfear is a lot stronger than the other monsters they have faced before, and they call on the power of the Parazord and Raptorzord to combine with the Pterazord. With all six core zords at their disposal, they make quick work of the Vivizords and finish off Shearfear for good. Later that evening, Riley heads into the command center, only to find it shrouded in darkness. He also sees it as strange that everyone's Energems are already here. As it turns out, they had been planning a surprise party for Riley, even screening a video message from his family farm for him. Meanwhile, Sledge is about to destroy Wrench for his repeated failings, when Fury interrupts with breaking news - he's found the location of the Purple Energem!


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  • Tyler decides to leave town on a bus despite owning a vehicle of his own.
  • During the scene where Shearfear severs the bond of friendship between Poisandra and Curio, a black cloaked monster can be seen in a different cell than Shearfear. However, when Sledge releases him, the cloaked monster is sharing the cell with D's counterpart and Shearfear.
  • When Shearfear said "There they are", the subtitles incorrectly referred to him as Wrench.
  • Before doing the three legged race, Ivan is seen pulling his shirt over his nose, but in the scene he's not.
  • Despite the title saying "slice" the correct way of saying it would actually be "cut". Considering that scissors are usually met to cut things instead of slicing them, and that Shearfear is clearly cutting the Rangers friendship bonds instead of slicing them.


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