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No. 9-kai! World Pirates, Pleasant Twokai! (世界海賊、愉快ツーカイ! Sekai Kaizoku, Yukai Tsūkai!) is the ninth episode of Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger. It features the debut of Twokaizer's Ohran and Shinken Forms, TwokaiRicky, and TwokaiCutanner, as well as Zox's sister, Flint Goldtsuiker and the Denziman Sentai Gear.


The golden warrior Twokaizer suddenly appears after tearing through the dark clouds, and his name is Zox Goldtsuiker. Alongside his sister Flint and twin brothers Cutanner and Ricky, the Worldly Pirates Goldtsuiker family arrives in a showy fashion. The treasure they're aiming for today is the best Kashiwa mochi in the universe. They'll definitely get their hands on the most Supreme Kashiwa mochi ever. The Zenkaigers will do their very best to make do with the Goldtsuiker family's request as an unprecedented battle over the best Kashiwa mochi begins.


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Gaon's Credit Card

  • The credit card that Gaon has contains the number "2001-0218-0730". This is in nod to the airdate and time of the first episode of Gaoranger.
  • As Gaon is combining with Juran, he says "今日はやる気満々で! Kyou wa Yaruki manmande!" meaning "I'm full of motivation today!" which is a reference to one of Gao Red's phrases "やる気満々だぜ! Yaruki manmandaze!"
  • Zox uses Pongi to pay the candy he stole after losing his duel with Kaito, the currency first featured in Uchu Sentai Kyuranger.


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  • During the visitation of Zox in the café, Secchan shows a picture of the Gokaigers and questions why Twokaizer resembles the Gokaigers so heavily, resulting in Flint joking that she "pirated" their design.
  • Although airing 3 days prior, it was a Children's Day (こどもの日 kodomo no hi) special in Japan as it features kashiwa mochi as the holiday's delicacy and koinobori (鯉のぼり) being flown to celebrate the holiday.

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