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No. 42-kai! New Hero! Secret Meeting!! (新ヒーローにゃ! おコタの密会!! Shin Hīrō nya! O Kota no Mikkai!!) is the forty-second episode of Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger. It features the debut of Don Momotaro prior to his debut in Avataro Sentai Donbrothers as well as the Superbike Enya Rideon and DonZenkaiOh, and the regular Patranger Sentai Gear.


It's been a cold few days everyone, but how are you doing? Speaking of colorful, the heat-sensitive Juran endures the room temperature getting drastically lowered, leading a booing wind to blast through the space! After enduring this dangerous magical power, and hearing about this rumored enchanted kotatsu table, the timing couldn't be more coincidental! Kotatsu World eventually appears and everyone is captivated by its enchanting warmth, leading all of the Zenkaigers to eventually slump into kotatsu tables of their own!

Warm... warm... warm...! Wrapped in an inescapable warm temperature, slowly lulling everyone into a deep sleep...! The lone, heat-sensitive Juran fights on his own against the enemy when Barashitara suddenly appears, changing the tide! "We've got no choice but to hope the special Gear my dad gave us does its thing! So here it goes...!!"


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Continuity and Placement


Guest Cast

  • Don Momotaro (ドンモモタロウ DonMomotarou, Voice): Kohei Higuchi (樋口晃平 Higuchi Kōhei)[1] (Credited as ???)
  • Kotatsu World (コタツワルド Kotatsu Warudo, Voice):[2] Daisuke Hirakawa (平川大輔 Hirakawa Daisuke)[3]
  • Kaito Goshikida (Child): Yumeki Uenoyama (上野山夢輝 Uenoyama Yumeki)
  • Announcer: Ichika Shingyo (新行市佳 Shingyō Ichika)

Suit Actors

Form Changes and Collectibles Used

Sentai Gears

Zenryoku Zenkai Cannon Summons

  • With the Zenryoku Zenkai Cannon, Zenkaizer summons manifestations of past Sentai Rangers of any color and motif to fight against the Tojitendo:

Avataro Gears

Elements/Homages to Super Sentai

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  • A reflection of Toei’s filming crew can be seen on Don Momotaro’s peach emblem.
  • The Donbrothers’ Sentai Gear on Enya Rideon’s front wheel remains immobile during the combination sequence into DonZenkaiOh.This error is fixed in the premiere of Donbrothers.[4]
  • At the end of DonZenkaiOh’s combination sequence, the Donbrothers’ Sentai Gear is missing.


  • As part of Super Hero Time, this episode aired alongside Kamen Rider ReviceIcon-crosswiki.png episode 17, Deepening Betrayal, The True Value of BuddiesIcon-crosswiki.png.
  • This episode marks the first time that the Zenryoku Zenkai Cannon summons a Sixth Ranger.
  • With Don Momotaro's appearance in this episode, the Donbrothers have the shortest time gap between the show's official reveal and the Rangers' first on-screen appearance; Donbrothers was officially revealed two weeks before the date of this episode's broadcast.
  • The scene when Don Momotaro makes a slide stop is a homage to the iconic Akira Slide from the 1988 Akira anime film.

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