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No. 29-kai! Do You Know The Prince's Aim? (王子のねらい、知っているかい? Ōji no Nerai, Shitte Iru Kai?) is the twenty-ninth episode of Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger. Hakaizer makes brief appearance in this episode.


Do you know? YOU KNOW! Is the prince of the Demon World a prince in that sense? Tennis World wreaks newfound havoc upon the city as people are being transformed into tennis balls one after another. However, Tennis World can only be defeated by the power of tennis itself. "If that's the case... then let's play doubles!" Zocks challenges Tennis World to a doubles tennis match taking Kaito along as his partner. Keeping in mind that if they don't win this match, Tennis World won't be defeated. Could there be a way to beat Tennis World at his own game? "Y'know? Till the day of our match next week, shiver as you sleep, tennis!!"


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Guest Cast

  • Tennis World (テニスワルド Tenisu Warudo, Voice): Wataru Komada (駒田航 Komada Wataru)[1]
  • Stacy's Mother: Miho Isozaki (磯崎美穂 Isozaki Miho)
  • Stacy(Child): Ibuki Sugō (周郷一颯 Sugō Ibuki)

Suit Actors

Form Changes and Collectibles Used

Sentai Gears

  • Zenkaizer - Zenkaiju, Zenkaiju (Chou Zenkai Super Buster), Zenkaiju (Big Bang), Zenkaizer (Kikai Side)
  • Zenkai Juran - Zenkai Juran (Zenkai Finish Buster)
  • Zenkai Gaon - Zenkai Gaon (Zenkai Finish Buster)
  • Zenkai Magine - Zenkai Magine (Zenkai Finish Buster), Zenkai Magine (Kikai Side)
  • Zenkai Vroon - Zenkai Vroon (Zenkai Finish Buster), Zenkai Vroon (Kikai Side)
  • Twokaizer - Zenkaiju, Zenkaiju (Big Bang)

Elements/Homages to Super Sentai

  • The scene where Vroon is seen in the waterfalls is a reference to Act 2: The Stylish Combination from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger where Ryunosuke tried to discipline himself under a water fountain.
  • Some references to Hyakuju Sentai Gaoranger:
    • The tennis attack used by Stacy to destroy Tennis World's mask is similar to GaoHunter's attack to destroy Duke Org Rouki's horn in Quest 26: Rouki Returns.
    • The Kudaiter tries to cheer Tennis World up by saying "Never give up!" in English, which was the mutual catchphrase of GaoBlue and GaoBlack.
  • During the Beginning of the Tennis match, The Gekiranger Logo can be seen on Gaon's Tennis Racket


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