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No. 21-kai! Giant Monsters of Great Destruction! (大カイジュウの大破壊! Dai Kaijū no Dai Hakai!) is the twenty-first episode of Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger. It features the debut of Super Twokaizer SD and ZenKaijuOh.


Copy World has arrived, making multiple evil copies of everything it sees! "Anger at full-force?!" Both Kaito and Zox have gotten malicious copies of themselves made?! If not careful, this could lead to a whole new kind of unstoppable evil propagation! Even evil buildings are also approaching and devastating pedestrian bridges in their wake! In the midst of all this villainous copy-and-paste chaos, a climactic battle will soon be reached! Now is the time to awaken, Zenkaiju Gear! The King of the Monsters charges forth at full force as ZenKaijuOh appears!!


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