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No. 16-kai! It's a Magnet at its Limit! (磁石シャクだぜ もう限界! Jishaku Shakuda ze mō Genkai!) is the sixteenth episode of Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger. This episode marks the debut of Fiveman Sentai Gear.


Juran and Kaito stop by Tar's Kikai Takoyaki restaurant, and over some small talk, the plates from the takoyaki machine suddenly stick to Juran. What is going on this time? The Zenkaigers confront Magnet World, the cause of the chaos, but escapes utilizing some nearby steel frames. When they finally got back to the store after a long day, they were immediately met by Stacey. Why is he here? Reconnaissance? Vacation? Or is he lost? Everyone's confusion doesn't stop, and the increase in magnetic forces don't stop either. At this rate, the store is going to go under. The Zenkaigers make a desperate attempt to run as far away as they can, towards the outskirts of the range where objects can no longer reach them.


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Guest Cast

  • Magnet World (ジシャクワルド Jishaku World, Voice):[1] Kazuhiro Nakaya (中谷一博 Nakaya Kazuhiro)[2]
  • Stacey's Mother: Miho Isozaki (磯崎美穂 Isozaki Miho)

Suit Actors

Form Changes and Collectibles Used

Sentai Gears

Elements/Homages to Super Sentai

  • After Zenkaizer activates the Fiveman Gear, he verbally teaches a lesson to Magnet World as a reference to all five Fivemen being teachers.
  • When finishing off Great Magnet World, all the Zenkaigers seems to have their own version of the finishing that the Super Sentai Robo they were based on, but because they were all talking at the same time only a few of them could be heard like:
    • Magine Stick, Nu Nu Nu Magical Slash
    • Vroon Picker, Curiosity Drive


  • When the team transforms the barrels on their Geartlingers don't move at first.
  • Throughout the episode some of the objects on the team continues to change positions on their bodies.
  • If one were to watch very carefully, the towers used by Magnet World are going through each other.
  • When Juran and Gaon show up, the legs from the production team can be seen on Zox's helmet.


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