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No. 15-kai! Tune in! A Sharp Turn into Retro! (ガチョーン!レトロに急旋回! Gachōn! Retoro ni Kyū Senkai!) is the fifteenth episode of Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger. It marks the debut of the Timeranger Sentai Gear.


Retro, it's a sacred power...
Retro, it's an adventure into the unknown...
Retro, it's a proof of nostalgia!
Retro Sentai... All-outgerr?!
Ah, this takes us back... The city has become all retro, and the Zenkaigers get a sudden blast from the past. Not to mention, is this where Yatsude makes her debut? Kaito's grandmother turns out to be extremely retro, as the others encounter a lonely boy who goes by "Ryo". It's said when two people meet in a retro world, the most retro adventure ever begins.


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Guest Cast

Suit Actors

Form Changes and Collectibles Used

Sentai Gears

Elements/Homages to Super Sentai

  • The opening text for the description of this episode on Toei's website references the opening narration from Mahou Sentai Magiranger.
  • Another Magiranger reference happens during the kamishibai scene, as the narrator tells the story of “Magical Superman Majimajiro”, a reference to the Magiranger transformation spell “Magi Magi Majiiro”.
  • The episodes title shows reference to the title style of the episodes of Gekisou Sentai Carranger.
  • Retro World transforms CrocoDaiOh into a vintage galleon similar to the GokaiGalleon.
  • After activating the Timeranger Gear Juran says a line from the Timeranger opening theme, "Ima wo ikiru, miraibito wa" (Live for the moment, people of the future).
  • While finishing off Great Retro World under influence of the Retro Wave, Twokaizer renamed Twokaioh Cutanner's finsher into Heaven and Earth Flash (天地一閃 Tenchi Issen) which shares the same name of Hyper Shinken Red's finisher.


  • The barrels on the Geartlings don't move in this episode.
    • When the team minus Kaito transform except for Vroon.
    • When finishing off Great Retro World except for Juran.


Ultraseven's Wide Shot Ripoff

  • The active Zenkaigers recreates the roll call poses previously used in episode 3, albeit Zyuran fills in Zenkaizer's position and Vroon joins in and follows the rotation clockwise.
  • During the mecha battle, Great Retro World mimics Ultraseven's Wide Shot against ZenkaiOh JuraGaon and TwokaiOh Cutanner.
  • The Trolley car used in the episode had “45” on it, Zenkaiger’s number.
  • One of the hats in the Retro world clothing store window backdrop is a prop from Kamen Rider W, Narumi Sokichi’s white fedora.

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