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No. 11-kai! Everyone's Playing Tag?! (渡る世間は鬼ゴッコかい?! Wataru Seken wa Onigokkokai?!) is the eleventh episode of Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger. It features the debut of Battleship CrocoDaiOh's CrossKaiOh and CrawlingOh vehicle forms and the Gekiranger and Goseiger Sentai Gears. The Battle Caesar Robo makes a brief appearance in this episode.


To protect his little sister and his family, an elder brother takes up the mantle of fighting oni. This brother shall continue to wield the sword until every oni is vanquished. However, will the humans or the oni ultimately survive? Now we've got to run! Even if the oni are oni, the Zenkaigers are an Oni Tag. Anyones touches an Oni will be turned one as well. The pirates, Kikai, and the people can't help but start running. Furthermore, what is this new power created by Flint for her brother Zox? It's a full on oni tag battle, so who will win?


While Vroon and Kaito were shopping, they see Flint, Cutanner, and Ricky. Cutanner and Ricky are fighting over whether cream buns or sweet bean buns are tastier. Kaito, noticing the grumbles, attempts to stop the argument but fails. Then, Onigokko World shows up, ready to tag other people. Just as Kaito and Vroon start to transform, Cutanner and Ricky approach Onigokko World, agreeing that whoever beats him wins the argument. However, Onigokko World "tag" both of them, causing oni masks to go on their heads and moving uncontrollably, tagging other people.

to be continued


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  • When Ricky and Cutanner push Kaito, upon closer inspection, Ricky make no physical contact with him.
  • The camera cuts back to Juran, and Gaon before Gaon re-inserts his Gear properly.

There is a reflection of the legs of the production crew

  • When Zox says "Sounds like fun" the legs of the production crew can be seen off his helmet.
  • When Cutanner tags Onigokko World, the timer of the oni mask goes 5:00, then 4:00, and then suddenly going to 0:10.


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