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No. 10-kai! Blue Sky Day and Night! (お昼も夜でもブルースカイ! Ohiru mo Yoru demo Burūsukai!) is the tenth episode of Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger. It features the debut of the Megaranger Sentai Gear.


Members of the Twokai family encountered a Tojitendo in the city. While Zox keeps his promise to Kaito and refrains from committing acts of piracy, he still has no seeming concern for the general public. Further curious about Zox, Kaito manages to board his headquarters, a giant flying battleship. Will the delicate and tenuous relationship between the Zenkaigers and the pirates finally see the light of day? Well to be fair, Zox does seem quite cheerful today.


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Sentai Gears

Elements/Homages to Super Sentai

  • After Zenkaizer uses the Megaranger Gear, he uses the Juran Shield like a Cyber Slider to rescue an abducted person. After activating the Gear, Juran says the first line of the Megaranger theme song, "Sāfin shiyō ze!" ("Let's go surfing!")


  • During Kaito and Zox's arguement aboard CrocoDaiOh, Ricky's stationary CGI shifts slightly in position after a few seconds.


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