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No. 1-kai! The World of Kikai is Kikikaikai! (キカイ世界はキキカイカイ! Kikai Sekai wa Kikikaikai!) is the first episode of Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger. It features the debut of the Zyuohger and Ninninger Sentai Gears; Magine and Vroon make brief speaking appearances in this episode and Gaon makes a small non-speaking cameo.

It is accompanied by the first episode of Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger: Secret Zenkai File web series, Ep. 1: You too can Change Zenkai!.


Welcome to a world with an infinite number of parallel worlds. One day, such a myriad of complex and intricate worlds starts to fall into the clutches of an evil dynasty known as Tojitendo. The only world that remains is the one where our protagonist, Kaito Goshikida, lives. For some strange reason, the world where Kaito lives and the Kikai World where the Tojitendo are from have been merged together. However, it isn't long before the inhabitants of Kikaitopia, the Kikainoids, and the humans who live there, start to get along in harmony. It isn't long before the nefarious hands of Tojitendo reaches them. Their peaceful days are soon about to come to an end, just when one of these humans seeks to fight to defend the lives of both humans and Kikainoids alike. Kaito's first ally just so happens to be the cool-looking red old man that is Kikainoid Juran.


Through ‘’Super Sentai’’ history, previous teams from different worlds become trapped in mysterious black gear-like devices. In the present day, a young man overlooks the city of Tokyo from the Tokyo Skytree while being questioned by police officers. The young man explains to the police that he seeks to bungee jump from the top of the observation deck and is promptly removed from there. After being removed by the police, the young man tells them he wants do something big and be the first person in the world to do it. Suddenly, a purple gear-like shadow encompasses over the city and a race of mysterious android beings, along with a palace, fuse with the present-day earth. The young man realizes that they are beings from a parallel world that his parents mentioned. Excited by what he just witnessed, he approaches one of the beings and introduces himself as Kaito Goshikida.

A month later after merging with the parallel world known as Kikaitopia and its Kikainoid inhabitants, various Kikainoid citizens explain to the citizens of Tokyo that they never expected to be forced over to earth and be stuck there. Eventually, as some children and Kikainoid children enter the Sweets Café Colorful to buy some candy, an old woman watches a news report about how her daughter and her husband reported over 10 years that parallel worlds exist. Out of nowhere, Kaito comes into the store yelling for his grandmother, Yatsude Goshikida. Questioning why he’s yelling, Kaito explains to Yatsude that he needs cotton candy. Yatsude allows him to take some and Kaito runs off to the streets.

At a barbeque, while some adults are dancing to music, a red Kikainoid comes with groceries to give and asks to join the party. Joining the party, the red Kikainoid explains he doesn’t know what’s going on with the robot invaders.

Inside the enemy palace, the leader of the robot invaders, Great King Boccowaus, arrives and asks for a report from Mechanical Officer Ijirude. Ijirude explains to Boccowaus that they have captured all the parallel worlds in Tojiru Gears except for one world. Furious at what he’s hearing, Boccowaus explains to him that no progress has been made in over a month and subsequently abuses his him and his other general by pounding the platform they’re standing on with his hand, tossing them in the air. Boccowaus’ pet bird, Gege, tells that the last world took a portion of Kikaitopia. Ijirude doubts this and immediately electrocutes their janitor after he seeks an explanation about Kikaitopia being partially taken. After apologizing about the janitor’s outburst, Boccowaus demands that Ijirude searches for the cause as he is one step away from controlling all worlds. Gege interrupts and suggests to Boccowaus that he invade the world normally instead of trapping it in a Tojiru Gear as that would expand his territory. Listening to his suggestion, Boccowaus tasks Mobile Commander Barashitara to invade this world and he moves forward.

Back in Tokyo, Kaito admires Kikaitopia’s famous food, Kikai-takoyaki, he receives after trading the cotton candy he took from the candy store to a merchant Kikainoid. A sudden explosion occurs and Barashitara arrives with his footsoldiers, the Kudakks, and explains that the world they are in belongs to the Kikaitopia Dynasty Tojitendo. Immediately attacking everyone, Kaito steps in front of Barashitara for an explanation for his action. The robot commander explains that the inhabitants are neither human nor Kikainoid and that all of them except for the elites will be scrapped. Throwing Kaito far away, Barshitara, the Kudakks and a Kudaiter continue attacking everything, including the barbeque the red Kikainoid is at. The Kudaiter approaches the red Kikainoid and demands that he starts attacking everyone. Grabbing a rock, the red Kikainoid tries to attack the Kudaiter, but everyone else thinks he’s going to attack them and they run away scared. The Kudaiter comforts the red Kikainoid about what happened, thinking he’s an elite Kikainoid. However, the red Kikainoid jumps away after noticing the Kudaiter. The Kudaiter approaches the red Kikainoid and knocks him into a pile of garbage.

Meanwhile, Kaito awakens from a pile of garbage himself, coincidently next to the candy shop. Noticing the Kudakks pass by to attack his grandmother, he proceeds to push them back and then he and Yatsude barricade themselves inside the candy shop. Wondering what’s going on with the Kikainoids, Kaito grabs Secchan and recalls when his parents gave him his mechanical pet bird and how they told him to keep going until he gets his desired results. Recalling what his parents told him, Kaito decides to protect the world. Uncertain of how to do so, Kaito inadvertently awakens Secchan’s ability to speak and he forces him and Yatsude back to sit on a step.

Subsequently falling through the step with Secchan following them, Kaito and Yatsude awaken in a secret laboratory. Surprised to learn this was the place that Isao Goshikida and Mitsuko Goshikida did their research, Secchan explains that it was the place where they found more parallel worlds than just Kikaitopia and that many of the occupants in the parallel worlds had ‘’Super Sentai’’ heroes to protect the earth. Secchan raises the hidden Transformation Gun Geartlingers and the Sentai Gears and explains they were created using their research on Super Sentai. Kaito takes a Geartlinger and a Sentai Gear labeled with a “45,” and Secchan tells him to use them to fight off the Tojitendo. Kaito then takes another Geartlinger and Sentai Gear and tries to convince his grandmother to fight as well. Yatsude refuses to do so and tells Kaito to not force her to fight as she is 60-years-old.

Back in the city, the Tojitendo continue their invasion. Trying to figure out what’s going on, the red Kikainoid notices a child about to be attacked by a Kudakk footsoldier. Tacking the Kudakk, the red Kikanoid saves the child and is about to be attacked by another Kudakk, only for it to be shot by Kaito’s Geartlinger. Wondering who he is, the red Kikainoid suddenly thinks of everything that happened earlier in the day and backs away from the child. Kaito and the child thank the red Kikainoid for the save and the child is escorted to safety by the Kikainoid. After moving the child away, Kaito asks the red Kikainoid to help him fight against the Tojitendo and tries to give him a Geartlinger. Hesitant to do because of him being a Kikainoid, the red Kikainoid decides to do so as he and Kaito both believe he is not like them. The red Kikanoid introduces himself to Kaito as Juran and Kaito introduces himself to Juran.

Seeing them together, Barashitara comes and sees Kaito in one piece and declares that Juran will be scrapped as well. Juran then shoots a Kudakk and then is given his Sentai Gear labeled with a “16” by Kaito. After showing how the Sentai Gear and the Geartlinger work together, Kaito and Juran transform into Zenkaizer and Zenkai Juran, respectively, and declare themselves as ‘’Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger,’’ much to the enjoyment of Secchan and shock of Yatsude.

Zenkaizer and Zenkai Juran move forward to attack the Kudakks. Continuing to attack the Kudakks, Secchan communicates with them through their suits and tells them to use the various Sentai Gears stored in their Zenkai Buckles. Zenkaizer proceeds to take out the Zyuohger Sentai Gear, labeled with a “40,” and gains the ability of Zyuoh Eagle’s wings. Able to fly, Zenkaizer flies through and shoots the many of the Kudakks remaining. Flying by, Zenkaizer gives Zenkai Juran the Ninninger Sentai Gear and he proceeds to use it himself against the enemies. Gaining the ability to use the Ninninger’s finishing attack, Zenkai Juran and Zenkaizer finish off the remaining Kudakks.

Barashitara approaches them and gives them a test to defeat a Kudaitest summoned by the mobile commander himself. With Zenkaizer detoured by the remaining Kudaiter, Secchan tells Juran to flip his personal Sentai Gear over in the Geartlinger and he uses it to grow giant. Surprised at his new height, Zenkai Juran proceeds to turn himself into the dinosaur-based mecha form, JuranTyranno. JuranTyranno moves forward to fight against the Kudaitest. Being blasted by the giant robot, JuranTyranno manages to dodge its attacks and push the Kudaitest back. Back on the ground, Zenkaizer faces off against the Kudaiter while the Kudaitest resumes blasting at JuranTyranno. Dodging the blast, JuranTyranno causes a billboard to be destroyed instead. JuranTyranno turns back into Zenkai Juran and uses the billboard as a surfboard against the Kudaitest’s laser blasts to get close to the giant robot again. On the ground, Zenkaizer pushes the Kudaiter back while Zenkai Juran becomes JuranTyranno again to push the Kudaitest back while simultaneously both using the Geartlinger and the tail to destroy the robots.

Back at Sweets Café Colorful, Yatsude shows her appreciation to Kaito and Juran for saving everyone and all three decide to have a party to celebrate. Just as Yatsude goes outside, she screams, along with Kaito and Juran following her, at the sight of everyone in the city appearing to have mushrooms growing out of their heads and in the city.


Guest Cast

  • Kudaiter (クダイター Kudaitā, Voice): Hideo Ishikawa (石川 英郎 Ishikawa Hideo)
  • Kaito Goshikida (Child): Yumeki Uenoyama (上野山夢輝 Uenoyama Yumeki)
  • Guard: Naoya Wakasono (若園尚哉 Wakasono Naoya), Atsushi Nakamura (中村敦 Nakamura Atsushi)
  • Reporter: Yukako Tachikawa (立川ユカ子 Tachikawa Yukako)
  • MC: Tsugihide Akahori (赤堀二英 Akahori Tsugihide)
  • Party Man: Jotaro Matsumoto (松本城太郎 Matsumoto Jōtarō)
  • Boy: Ikuma Kobayashi (小林郁大 Kobayashi Ikuma)
  • Kid Kikainoids: Jun Machida (町田絢 Machida Jun), Ryunosuke Kuroiwa (黒岩竜乃介 Kuroiwa Ryūnosuke)

Suit Actors

Form Changes and Collectibles Used

Sentai Gears

Elements/Homages to Super Sentai

  • The accidental merging of Kikaitopia brings mind to the unison of Zyuland in the final episode of Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger,,which has caused massive panic among the civilians in both incidents.
  • The scene where Kaito's Kikaitakoyaki meal is ruined by Tojitendo's invasion is a homage to the first episode of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, where the Gokaigers' lunch at Snack Safari was ruined by the Zangyack's attack.
  • The usage of Zyuohger and Ninninger refer to both previous Sentai being the most recent to celebrate the anniversary of the franchise.
  • Zenkaizer using the Instinct Awakened powers of Zyuoh Eagle is referred to the fact that they are both leaders and the only human member of their own core teams.
  • Before unleashing his Ninninger based attack, Juran says Takaharu's catchphrase, "I'm on fire~!" (えてきた~! Moete kitā!).


  • In the opening sequence, when Magine and Vroon are shown, the numbers that flash with their appearance are in the incorrect order with Magine having a 30 and Vroon having a 29. That error was fixed in the next episode.


  • As part of Super Hero Time, this episode aired alongside Kamen Rider SaberIcon-crosswiki.png episode 25, Chapter 25: Clad in Smoke, the Crimson Assassin.Icon-crosswiki.png
  • This is the first series to start off with only two rangers, though the other three rangers are seen in their civilian forms.
  • Archived footage of Gorenger, Zyuranger, and Kiramager appear in the beginning of the episode, just before being completed with the new footage of both Akarenger and TyrannoRanger being shot in the original 4:3 aspect ratio those shows were shot in.
  • These three previous shows are aired in three Japanese eras (Gorenger in Showa, Zyuranger in Heisei and Kiramager in Reiwa).
  • This is the only episode where a Kikainoid Zenkaiger fights a giant enemy simply by fighting as an enlarged opponent. This also the only episode where a Kikainoid Zenkaiger uses a non-personal Sentai gear directly. These distinctions would not occur until a few episodes later.
  • JuranTyrano propelling himself with fire breath is a reference to Godzilla doing a similar technique in Godzilla vs. Hedorah.

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