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Confrontation-Fist Crocodile Fist Niwa is a Beast-Man of Rinjuken Akugata.

Character History

A Confrontation Beast Crocodile-Fist (臨獣クロコダイル拳, Rinjū Kurokodairuken) user, his fighting style emulates the reckless brute force of a crocodile. One of Rio's top five Rinrinshi, Niwa is confident of being able to defeat the Gekirangers singlehandly without Maku's power. Niwa overpowered GekiBlue, GekiYellow, and GekiViolet until Jan arrived, with Ken Hisatsu's interference halting the fight for now. In the second round, he fought the three Gekirangers again until Super GekiRed arrived with Ken transforming into GekiChopper for the first time, whose blade attacks penetrated Niwa's armored body and destroyed him.


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Rin Shi


The Rinshi (リンシーズ Rinshīzu) are the jiangshi warriors revived by Rio performing the Ringi technique "Rinzai". The Rinsi are in turn led by Mele, who is in charge of their development in some cases, being low-level users in the Akugata, they wear masks formed by a hat and a blindfold and use lances as their weapons. If a Rinshi can cross through the Chamber of Trials, defeating the other Rinshi inside single-handed, he/she can remove the mask and the animal motif on the forehead materializes, with the Rinshi receiving new attire and promoted to the more powerful rank of Rinrinsi who can assume "Beast-Man" form for a tentative amount of time. When they die, their bodies petrify and explode in violent bluish flames.



The Rinrinshi (リンリンシー Rinrinshī) are high-ranking Rinshi who pass the Chamber of Trials, allowed to remove the mask as the animal signature to his/her fighting style forms on the forehead and gain a new attire to signal the rank. Rinrinshi can obtain Beast-Man form, but only for a short among of time depending on the level of Rinki amassed inside. However, the Rinrinshi empowered by Maku's power can assume Beast-Man form for an indefinite amount of time. Like the Rinshi, the Rinrinshi die as their bodies petrify and explode in violent bluish flames.


Beast-Man Niwa

Crocodile Ringi

  • Ten Thousand Stones Descend (万降石, Bankōseki)
  • Mudbank Torso Snapping (泥州胴折り, Desudō Ori)
  • Mudbank Torso Snapping: Authority (泥州胴折り・通, Desudō Ori Tsū)



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Behind the Scenes

  • Due to GekiChopper destroying him instantly, Niwa is the only Beast-Man who does not grow giant in any way.
  • His name is an anagram for Wani, the Japanese name for "Crocodile."

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