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Ninpolar is Vader Monster "41" of the Vader Clan

Character History

Ninpolar is summoned by Hedrian in a further attempt to use espionage to defeat the Denziman in order to impress Demon King Banriki. Using its abilities to possess people from inside, it sneaks inside a student of Akira's swimming class and controls him, making him attack under his power so that he can get at his main objective of taking over Akira herself and using her to poison and eliminate the Denziman with stealth. Once he finally takes over Akira, he tries to poison the male Denziman with the coffee they drink until the boy originally possessed by Ninpolar warns the other Denziman that she is under his control. The controlled Akira attacks the other Denziman until they defeat her and take her back to Denzi Land.

Realizing how strong the Vader Monster's power over DenziPink is, the team decide to use an electro-shock treatment to remove the monster from their teammate's body. Although putting Akira through immense pain, Ninpolar ultimately is removed from her body, but ends up becoming lost and trapped in Denzi Land until it escapes through a door in around a castle where the Denziman face him. In a ninja showdown, the Denziman use ninja-style tactics, including their own kagebunshin clones to confuse Ninpolar to attack him with both Shotgun and Dragon Fly until he's weakened enough to be defeated by the DenziStick Boomerang. After he grows, the team reflect his ninpo using DaiDenzin until he is defeated with Electric Full-Moon Cut.


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Ninpolar possesses multiple ninja attacks while disguised as one that it can utilize including jumping high, releasing capturing threads and smoke from his hands, breathing fire, spawn decoy heads, and releasing a paper attack that blinds and attacks opponents. His main ability is where it can jump inside the head of an opponent, gaining full control of their bodies regardless of how much free will its possessor believes they may have. He also can use weapons such as swords, a staff, and explosive shurikens to attack.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Ninpolar were designed by character designer Muneo Kubo.


  • Naming: "Ninpou" - "ninja art"
  • Before appearing in his full form to the Vader Clan, Ninpolar takes the guise of a karasutengu when he presents himself.
  • Ninpolar can briefly be seen in episode 43 of Fiveman as part of a Denziman episode that a TV-obsessed boy is watching.


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