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Cosmic Justice Squadron Jakanger

In the second season of Akibaranger, the 10th spear Hadezukin took the hearts filled with justice from the Gouraigers, turning them evil and into the 8th and 9th Spears. Together, they became Cosmic Justice Squadron Jakanger (忍虫戦隊ジャカンジャー Ninjū Sentai Jakanjā). Since the Darkness Seven Spears were named after the seven days of the week, three new days of the week were added to the calendar between Saturday and Sunday (Uraday (天曜日 Ten'yōbi), Poseiday (海曜日 Kaiyōbi), and Hadesday (冥曜日 Meiyōbi)). This shortened the amount of episodes of an average Super Sentai season to around 36 episodes. The Akibarangers remind the Gouraigers of their love of justice, and along with the Hurricanegers, they defeat Hadezukin.


JakanRed Ikkou Kasumi
JakanBlue Isshuu Kasumi
JakanYellow Hadezukin




  • As Saturday was named after the planet Saturn, the extra days comes after it are also named after the next planets, Uraday for Uranus, Poseiday for Neptune (Roman version of god Poseidon) and Hadesday for Pluto (Hades).
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