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3-faced Giant Beast Fangerus

The last of the wolf-like demons they are from the B-Strike Hell Nebula which was decimated by Jakanja long ago. The Fangarou were too vicious to die out with rest of their race and were found by Satarakura who uses a special whistle to control them. He makes them his personal pets before setting them loose on the day of the second meteor shower via Tau Zanto's plan to evoke the Evil Force. Their names are Brown Beginning, Silver Destruction and Black Emergency. The Fangarou use their racial abilities to eat the shadows of their victims turning them into werewolves until the Fangarou themselves are killed. The trio overpower the Hurricanegers and Shurikenger until the Gouraigers arrive forcing the wolves to retreat back to the city to claim more victims. Though they overpowered the ninja they managed to destroy the Fangarou. However, at Satokura's call, the Fangarou reformed and merged into the 3-faced Giant Beast Fangerus (巨獣ファンゲロス Kyodaijuu Fangerosu?, 32-33) and the victims of the Fangule start to turn other people into werewolves to complete the ideal setting for the Evil Force is coming. Though the Giant Beast Fangerus overpowered Gourai Sempujin it splits back into the Fangarou when Satokura's whistle is broken. Once Satokura fixes the whistle the Fangarou merged back into Fangerus and resume attacking the city and fighting the Hurricanegers and Gouraigers who were now in their Shinobi Machines as humans. This is until Revolver Mammoth arrives with the wolves being the first to be killed by Revolver Gourai Senpuujin.


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