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Ninja Quest is the four-part episode of the third season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

It is the first appearance of the Ninjazords, Ninjor, Rito Revolto, the Tenga Warriors and Lieutenant Jerome Stone. It also marks a complete change in the Rangers' power set and the destruction of the Thunderzords.


Rita Repulsa gets a surprise when her brother Rito Revolto arrives, bearing gifts. Lord Zedd and Rita send him and a set of monsters to engage in a sneak attack against the Rangers. The attacks leave the Rangers with their powers completely drained. Zordon and Alpha 5 know of a legend that might allow the Rangers to gain new powers to battle Zedd's army, but will the bearer of the Ninja Powers allow the Rangers to have them?


Part 1

Lord Zedd celebrates his wedding anniversary with Rita Repulsa by giving her a new telescope, which she tests by spying on the Power Rangers as they compete for Angel Grove in a volleyball tournament against Stone Canyon. Suddenly, a loud explosion goes off near the Moon Palace, so loud that Billy hears it from Earth, and a skeleton monster comes crawling out of the explosion site. After pausing to lay some eggs in the lunar soil, the monster teleports into Zedd's throne room. Much to Zedd's and everybody else's shock, Rita introduces the monster as her brother Rito Revolto.

Rito quickly proves to be quite the annoying pest. He continuously mispronounces Zedd's name as "Ed", teases him over his failure to conquer Earth, and refuses to tell Rita what's inside the eggs he got her as a wedding gift. As she watches the eggs grow, Rita decides to lure the Rangers into a trap by using Rito as the unwitting decoy. At the very least, it will get Rito out of the palace for a while.

Having won the volleyball tournament for Angel Grove, the Rangers celebrate at Ernie's Outdoor Café as he offers free food to everybody. Bulk and Skull are also enjoying the food when they overhear a pair of girls talking about the Power Rangers and how they love men in uniform. Inspired by these words and a nearby poster, Bulk announces to everyone that he and Skull are going to join the Angel Grove Junior Police Patrol. Everyone present is left open mouthed in shock, including a horrified Skull as Bulk tells him to think of the uniforms and the girls.

Accompanied by four monsters (all of which Finster had revived from past battles and made stronger), Rito hangs outside the city like an idiot while his partners take hidden positions. Rito's presence is detected by Zordon and Alpha 5, but they are unable to identify him due to system failures in the Command Center. Regardless, the Rangers are contacted and sent to meet with this unknown threat.

Rito makes his entrance to the Rangers, who morph and prepare to engage in battle. Before they can throw the first punch, Rita and Zedd cross their staffs to summon lightning and make Rito grow. The Thunder Megazord and White Tigerzord are sent out. Rito proves surprisingly skilled in fighting the Rangers off, but the Rangers manage to overpower him. Just when the Rangers are about to finish Rito off, the other monsters are enlarged to spring the trap, and the fight quickly turns in their favor as both the Thunder Megazord and White Tigerzord struggle to survive against their combined onslaught.

Alpha tries to feed as much power into the Zords as he can, however it's still not helping and Zordon warns the Rangers that the backlash from the power surge could cost the Rangers their powers. Tommy decides to take the risk, but things go wrong and the resulting feedback overloads and causes massive damage to the Command Center. Unfortunately, Rito and his entourage prove too strong, and the Rangers are forced to escape as their powers vanish and their Zords fall to pieces, beyond all hope of repair.

Part 2

No longer able to morph, the Rangers return to the wrecked Command Center in utter defeat as the villains celebrate. Zordon confirms that with the Command Center's power almost gone, there's no way to restore the destroyed Zords. When Adam asks where their powers came from, Zordon explains that beneath the Desert of Despair lies a hidden temple, where its keeper Ninjor forged the original Power Coins. Though it will be dangerous, the Rangers realize that Ninjor is their only hope, and so Zordon uses the last of the Command Center's power to teleport them to the desert.

Back in Angel Grove, Bulk and Skull have just arrived at the police academy. Skull is having second thoughts about having to do so much running, swimming, and physical activity as part of training, so Bulk carries him screaming to the registration office. On the moon, Rito's eggs are finally hatching to Rita's delight, but Rito has already forgotten what the eggs are hatching into. A bit of threatening from Rita jogs his memory, and Rito introduces the newly-hatched Tenga Warriors to her as they start flying around the Moon Palace. One of the eggs remains unhatched, and Rito reveals that it contains a very special monster -- a Vampirus.

Zedd suddenly spots the Rangers through his visor as they cross the desert and realizes that they seek the Temple of Power. Rita gets the idea to have the Tengas attack the Rangers once they find the temple, then place the egg near the temple so that Vampirus can steal its power when he hatches.

Using a map given to them by Alpha, the Rangers cross the Desert of Despair and try to ignore the woeful screaming in the air that gives the desert its name. Kimberly pauses to pick up a rock, which sets off a fire trap that the Rangers barely evade but burns the map to ash. Now powerless and lost, they later stumble into a quicksand pit that very nearly buries Aisha. Eventually, Billy spots a rock formation that he thinks is what the map directed them to.

The Tengas suddenly arrive to destroy the Rangers, and they quickly prove to be far more dangerous minions than Rita's or Zedd's Putties ever were. As the Rangers run for their lives into the rock formation, Adam accidentally triggers a hidden switch and opens a path into a tunnel. With no other way to go, the Rangers follow the tunnel to a dead-end, which is revealed to be an illusion when Tommy steps into a wall and vanishes. As the other Rangers follow Tommy, the Tengas place the Vampirus egg outside the rock formation.

Part 3

The Rangers step out to find themselves in a beautiful forest leading up to the gates of an ornate temple. As they enter, a voice demands to know what they are doing in the temple. Billy tracks the source of the voice to a blue vase and finds a tiny armored figure inside, who reveals himself as Ninjor.

After growing to his full-size, Ninjor again demands the Rangers to tell him their reasons for intruding on the Temple of Power. They explain to him of Zordon, the Power Rangers, and how Lord Zedd defeated them, but Ninjor shows no interest to their plight and tells them to leave. Tommy tries to console his friends over their loss by explaining that Zedd can never destroy their own power of friendship between them and that they'll find another way. Hearing this, Ninjor is convinced that they are not seeking power out of greed and agrees to help the Rangers.

At the police academy, Bulk and Skull are introduced to Lieutenant Jerome Stone, who has been appointed to train the new recruits. The pair's first stop is at the barber's for a police-regulation crewcut, which goes over as well as it can for them (which is to say, not well at all).

The Rangers are guided by Ninjor to harness a new power from deep within their souls... the power of Ninja. This power focuses on using intelligence and cunning in battle as opposed to the brute force of the past Dinozord and Thunderzord powers. They are granted new Power Coins, ninja robes in their familiar Ranger colors, and a set of new Ninjazords. Meanwhile, Bulk and Skull's police training proves less impressive.

At Zedd's Moon Palace, Lord Zedd is furious over the idea that the Rangers have regained their powers and demand that Rito goes back to Earth to launch a full on assault on Angel Grove. He complies and calls Zedd: Ed again, as he leaves. Once more, Zedd is annoyed and reminds Rito that his name is Zedd.

With their new Ninja powers, the Rangers leave the temple grounds to battle the Tengas. The feathered fiends quickly prove no match for the might of their Ninja Ranger forms and soon they take off in a panic. Ninjor comes out to congratulate the heroes for mastering their power and sees them off as they morph once again into the Power Rangers and return to Angel Grove. However, Ninjor does not notice the Vampirus egg as it begins to hatch.

Part 4

The Rangers return to Angel Grove, and none too soon as Rito Revolto is back in the city and ready to destroy it. Their new Ninjazords prove tougher for Rito to handle, which infuriates Zedd. As to Bulk and Skull's police careers, they are made to run the Hangman's Obstacle Course, with Lt. Stone snapping at them every step of the way.

Rito suddenly draws a flamethrower and begins making a stronger assault. The Rangers counter by bringing the Ninjazords together into the Ninja Megazord and eventually the Ninja Megafalconzord. This time, the fight is too much for Rito and he goes down exploding, though he slips back to the moon at the last second. Back in the desert, Vampirus is now fully-hatched and ready to capture the Temple of Power for Lord Zedd.

As the Rangers help repair the Command Center, the alarm goes off. Angel Grove is still quiet, but with the Center still mostly offline, Alpha is unable to locate the disturbance. Bulk and Skull, meanwhile, are testing every one of Lt. Stone's nerves as they repeatedly mess up in the obstacle course and briefly slack off, but then they take it more seriously and improve.

Vampirus orders Ninjor to come out and challenge him in the desert. When he does, Rita and Zedd make the monster grow, but Ninjor enlarges himself to fight his enemy on equal terms. The fight is detected by Zordon as repairs to the Command Center are completed, and the Rangers head out to aid Ninjor in the Ninja Megafalconzord. Ninjor shifts to his Battle Mode to wound Vampirus, allowing the Rangers to finish the monster off. With all his plans foiled once more, Zedd takes his anger out on Rito, who to top it all off is still getting his name wrong.

At the Command Center, Ninjor gives his congratulations and thanks to the Rangers for all their help and swears that he will continue to aid them in the fight against evil. Later, the Rangers and Ernie attend Bulk and Skull's graduation into officers of the Angel Grove Junior Police Patrol. Even though they're now dedicated to helping the community, Bulk and Skull's clumsiness is still in full force as they accidentally knock over all the other graduating cadets like dominos.



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  • Scorpina is mentioned in the closing credits of all four episodes but does not appear in this season.
  • Dairanger and “Galaxy Rangers” are credited at the end of the credits of all four parts instead of Kakuranger.

  • As the Rangers perform the movements to morph, the formation of each Rangers changes every time the camera cuts. In the first scene, where the Rangers pull out their Power Morphers, they are shown lined up in single file line, facing toward the camera. In the second scene, where the Rangers pulls the Power Morphers to their left shoulder, they are shown side by side. Finally, when thrusting and turning the Power Morphers forward, they are shown in a pyramid formation.
  • When the Stag Beetle takes down the Thunder Megazord, it falls in the countryside despite the battle being in the city which is due to using footage from "The Power Transfer."
  • When the Stag Beetle kicks the fallen Thunder Megazord, the legs of the original Megazord can be seen during the explosion of the impact.
  • Whilst the Thunderzords are falling apart, the White Tigerzord Warrior Mode has wires coming out from the waist as the head begins to fall off. As the head falls and passes its Tiger Mode head, the wires are gone; then return when the Zord finally falls backwards.
  • During the destruction of the Thunderzords, the guys went from holding Kimberly back to shielding their faces then back to holding Kimberly.

  • When the Command Center's power overloaded in part I, the console was left intact. However, at the beginning of Part II, the place is shown as completely wrecked with the control panels ripped and blown out from the console.
  • Bright flashes of light clearly showed that the lights on the Command Center wall were nothing more than strung-up Christmas tree lights.
  • The Rangers seemingly knew that Rita and Zedd had sent the Tengas despite having never encountered them before.

  • When the Rangers morphed Ninja Ranger Mode to Power Rangers, Rocky's Power Morpher was closed. This error would later be repeated as stock footage each time this morph sequence was used.
  • When a Tenga flies at Billy and before he grabs its leg, a truck can be seen in the background despite being on another planet.

  • Just before the Rangers formed the Ninja Megazord, the Falconzord fired a pink laser out its mouth but, when Rito blocked it, it was blue. Also, the Falconzord only shot one laser but three were seen being deflected.
  • The Ninjazords begin to form Ninja Megazord prior to Ninjor transforming in his battle with the Vampirus. However, when they arrive, they are seen arriving as individual Zords again, and reform once more.
  • Rito was shown to be the same size as the Ape Ninjazord and the Ninja Megazord.
  • For the battle against Vampirus, the Frog, Bear and Crane Ninjazords were shown transforming for the Ninja Megazord but in a later shot were shown in their standard animal forms. The Crane Ninjazord was then shown transforming again.
  • When Vampirus is shown on the Viewing Globe, he is seen in his other dimension although he would not enter it until later in the episode.
  • Zordon says that the capture of Ninjor or the Temple of Power would lead to the Rangers’ complete depowerment. However, Ninjor was later captured by Goldar and yet the Rangers retained both their Ninja Ranger and regular Ranger forms.
  • Despite the Zord fight being supposed to occur in the Desert of Despair, a number of background elements contradict this.
  • During the battle against Vampirus in after being transported to Vampirus's dimension, Ninjor is standing in front of him, the camera cuts to Vampirus, and then Ninjor is suddenly on the ground with no explanation or apparent attack prior to this.
  • The White Ninja Falconzord appears in the Ninja Megazord’s left eye before it turns 180 degrees to actually face it.

  • Notes

    • This is the last episode to show Sentai footage of Finster in his workshop.
    • These episodes combine footage from three different Super Sentai series:
      • Rehashed footage of the monsters, and an isolated piece of morphed Ranger stock footage used in Part IV, from Zyuranger/Zyu2 footage;
      • Thunderzord, Thunder Megazord, and Tigerzord/Kiba Ranger stock footage from Dairanger;
      • and footage of Rito and the Ninja Zords/Ninja Megazord from Kakuranger which would go on to become the new season to adapt.
    • This episode begins Bulk and Skull's enrollment in the Angel Grove Junior Police Patrol, marking an explicit change in character for the duo.
    • In Part III, Rita's "Wanted" Poster uses a picture of her featured in the show's early coloring books.
    • A new method of enlarging monsters is introduced in this episode, with Rita and Zedd now crossing their staffs to create lightning which would make the monsters grow, in order to properly match the new Sentai footage. 
    • This four-part episode marks the final appearance of the Triceratops, Pterodactyl, Saber-Toothed Tiger, and White Tiger Power Coins as a result of the overloading the Morphing Grid stripping the Rangers of their original power source. Adam would use a charred Power Morpher and Mastodon Power Coin upon his return for in Space's Always a Chance. He would use a fully repaired version in Operation Overdrive's Once a Ranger. Jason would use the Tyrannosaurus Power Coin again in Wild Force's Forever Red and Beast Morphers' Grid Connection.
    • This is the final appearance of the Thunderzords and White Tigerzord as well as the final appearance of the Dinozords as part of the Thunderzord summoning sequence.
    • This is the final episode to play the song White Ranger Tiger Power.
    • This four-part episode marks the debut of the Tenga Warriors, Rita and Zedd's new foot soldiers which replace the Putties. They were previously seen in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie where they were referred to as the Tengu Warriors.
    • Part III marks the final appearance of the Season 2 intro.
    • This is the final time Finster uses the Monster-Matic on-screen.
    • These were the first episodes to feature either bloopers or an extra scene during the end credits. This would last until In Space's "Countdown to Destruction."
    • The Desert of Despair is the same desert as the one the scenes around the Command Center are filmed.
    • The Ninja Megafalconzord's fight against Rito in Part IV is also the only time that the middle verse of the full theme is played in the show.
    • Rito's line "he who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day" is a parody of one of Oliver Goldsmith's famous quotes: "For he who fights and runs away, may live to fight another day".
    • None of the Rangers appear morphed in Part II.

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