This article is about a/an command center in Power Rangers Ninja Storm.

Ninja Ops

Ninja Ops is a secret state-of-the-art underground dojo and headquarters hidden below the remains of the Wind Ninja Academy, the base of the Ninja Storm Rangers. It is where Cameron Watanabe launches the Ninja Zords and Power Discs via computer.


The main space of Ninja Ops is one room with a large computer terminal located on the back wall, training space near the entrance, a traditional Japanese table in the center. access is granted via hand print recognition system. to the left of the entrance is a small library/ reading area that houses the scrolls that the Rangers use. There are strips of light that represent each Ranger. There are also hidden passageways concealed behind panels that are designed akin to Dojo-style paper walls.

Ninja Ops was eventually destroyed by Lothor, Marah and Kapri. This is unknown if it was ever rebuilt or not.

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