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The Ninja Nexus Star is the power star which is the source of the six Ninja Power Stars.


Ten years ago, the legendary Ninja Nexus Star resided in the Ninja Nexus Prism which crashed on Earth at the home of ninja master Dane Romero and his two sons, Brody and Aiden. After Dane removed the crust of Ninja Steel from the Prism, he found the the Star within it and was able to remove it. When the evil alien Galvanax attacked to steal the star, Dane confronted him with it. Dane used the star to shield himself from Galvanax's attack, and suddenly he was morphed into the Red Ranger with the star on his Ninja Star Blade. After Galvanax managed to blast the star away from him, he was on the verge of acquiring the Star's power when Dane took his sword and shattered it into six pieces. The six pieces then returned to the Prism and transformed into the Ninja Power Stars.

Powers and Abilities

  • The full extent of the Star's power is unknown, but it said that whoever controls the star will be invincible. One known power is giving humans the ability to change into Power Rangers.


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