SNS-Rygore’s Medallion

Rygore's medallion

]The Ninja Medallions are the source of the Galactic Ninjas' powers and their counterparts of the Ninja RangersNinja Power Stars.


Unlike the Ninja Power Stars, these stars do not transform the user but instead, grant special powers. These include:

  • Memory Stealing
  • Superspeed
  • Chance Attacks (determined by a die)
  • Poisonous Charms

The Ninja Power in the Medallions can be used to charge machinery or other things .After awhile, they'll lose power and will need to be recharged before used again.


Upon the Galactic Ninjas' debut on Galaxy Warriors, they used the Ninja Medallions to battle the Ninja Steel Rangers. After the Rangers defeated Wolvermean, Madame Odius stole his medallion despite him defeating. Attack of the Galactic Ninjas

She did the same after Speedwing's destruction, discussing her plans with Badonna. The Need for Speed

After Rygore's defeat, Odious claimed his medallion and Badonna, deciding to spare Venoma, promised she could survive if she worked with Odious and gave up her medallion. With all four medallions in her position, Odious combined four Foxbots into her own personal Megazord; Foxatron, and used the medallions to power it up. It dismantled the Ninja Ultrazord and destroyed the Megazords that form it, damaging the Rangers' Zord Stars in the process .Before it could make its next move however, the medallions lost power and would need to be recharged, sparing the Rangers for a day. Caught Red Handed

Madame Odius cut a deal with Wolvermean that, if he killed the Rangers, he would get his Medallion back and be allowed to leave the Warrior Dome. However, if he failed, Foxatron would kill him. During Wolvermean's attack, all four Ninja Medallions were fully recharged so it returned to Earth and killed Wolvermean. However, the Zord was destroyed by the Ninja Blaze Megazord's Ranger Blast which destroyed all but one of the Ninja Medallions in the process. Outfoxed

Venoma cut a deal with Odius that, if she was successful, she would be allowed to leave but Odius would kill her if she failed. She was given Speedwing's medallion (the last surviving medallion) to let his use her love based powers.


  • The Ninja Medallions had a slightly expanded purpose in Ninninger. On top of powering Karakuri Kyuubi (Foxatron's counterpart), since all monsters were created instead of being summoned like in both seasons of Ninja Steel, the Izayoi Ninjas were resserected using thier Core Gears.
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