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"What's wrong? Join the others."
―Ninja Master to Hammie[src]

This Ninja Master (先生忍者 Sensei Ninja) of the Chameleon System taught a band of children including Hammie the Chameleon Ninja Art (カメレオン忍法 Kamereon Ninpō). Thanks to Hammie's warning that Jark Matter was coming, having mustered the courage to speak up after spotting the advance guard of Indavers, the master and his students were able to escape the invasion of their village. Space.15: Savior of the Water Planet Vela

Behind the Scenes


The Ninja Master was portrayed by veteran suit actor Riichi Seike (清家 利一 Seike Riichi). Coincidentally, he had previously made a cameo appearance as another ninja master, the Former Last Ninja, in Shuriken Sentai Ninninger.


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