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"The Henge! Nin nin nin, nin ninin nin! Nin nin nin, nin ninin nin!"
―Transformation standby announcement[src]

"Aka Ja! Ao Ja! Ki Ja! Shiro Ja! Momo Ja! Ninja!"
―Announcement during transformation when the team transforms together.[src]

"(Aka/Ao/Ki/Shiro/Momo/Mido) Ja! Ninja!"
―Transformation announcement when a team member transforms alone.[src]

"The Waza! Nanja nanja?! Nanja nanja?! "
―Finisher announcement[src]

"The Shoukan! Dareja?! Dareja?!"
―OtomoNin summoning announcement[src]

Transformation Ninja Sword Ninja Ichibantou (忍者一番刀 Ninja Ichibantō, lit. "Ninja Number 1 Sword") is the transformation device, sidearm, and main weapon for the main five Ninningers.

Extra Ninja Ichibantous are given to Tsumuji Igasaki when he becomes his own AkaNinger, Tvicon.png TV STORY-Shinobi 45: Three Generations of Fathers and Sons! All Ninjas Gathered and Luna Kokonoe/MidoNinger. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Come Back! Shuriken Sentai Ninninger: Ninnin Girls vs. Boys FINAL WARS Of a total of nine Ninningers only two do not use the Ninja Ichibantous: StarNinger, who uses the Transformation Device Ninja StarBurger and later the Gekiatsuto as an alternative, and Yoshitaka Igasaki, who can transform into AkaNinger through his own will without a Ninja Ichibantou or a Nin Shuriken. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Shinobi 45: Three Generations of Fathers and Sons! All Ninjas Gathered



Shuriken Sentai Nininger Henshin And Roll Call-2

By inserting their activated transformation Nin Shuriken and pressing the red transform button, marked with the kanji for "Change" ( Hen) on the Ninja Ichibantou, the blade announces "The Henge!" (ザ・変化! Za Henge!, lit. "The Change"), then a standby chant of "Nin nin nin, nin ni nin nin!" (ニンニンニン、ニンニニンニン!) until the Ninningers spin their Nin Shuriken with a call of "Shuriken Henge!" (シュリケン変化! lit. "Shuriken Change"), which then creates holograms of their main Nin Shuriken shapes, forming the body suit as the Ninja Ichibantou announce the Ninningers being transformed. Once done, another set of Nin Shuriken appear over their faces, forming the helmets and completing the transformation.


When the blue finisher button marked with the kanji for "Technique" ( Waza) is pressed, it makes the Ninja Ichibantou announce "The Waza!" (ザ・技! Za Waza!, lit. "The Technique") allows a Ninninger to perform a Shuriken Ninja Art Secret Technique (シュリケン忍法奥義 Shuriken Ninpō Ōgi) all while the Ninja Ichibantou chants repeatedly "What is this?!" (なんじゃなんじゃ? Nanja nanja?), until the Ninninger spins their Transformation Nin Shuriken, making said Shuriken announce their specific color. Just before the final blow is struck, the Ninja Ichibantou announces "Ninja Issen!" (忍者一閃! lit. "Ninja Flash").

  • Ninja Violent Slash (忍烈斬 Nin Retsu Zan): A Ninninger slashes fast and hard, swinging the Ninja Ichibantou with powerful and fast swings, then jumps into the air. As the Ninninger comes down, they spin in place until they land with a finishing strike. This is the Ninninger's primary finisher, and the Ninningers have made many variations.
    • Ninja Dragon Slash (忍竜斬 Nin Ryu Zan): First performed by AoNinger. Ninninger spins the body to create a tornado-like attack and rushes to and around the enemy, rapidly slashing the target. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Shinobi 3: Formidable Enemy Gabi Appears!
    • True Secret Technique: Super Ninja Violent Slash (真奥義・超忍烈斬 Shin Ōgi: Chō Nin Retsu Zan): First performed by AkaNinger. A Ninninger spins in place as they fall down, then slashes powerfully in many spinning slashes. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Shinobi 4: It's Here! Paonmaru
    • Simultaneous Ninja Violent Slash (一斉忍烈斬 Issei Nin Retsu Zan): All five Ninningers slash at the Youkai once as they rush past the Youkai, then AkaNinger comes in with another slash, then all five Ninningers jump upwards, then spin as they fall down, and when they land, all five give one final slash on the Youkai. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Shinobi 5: The Space Ninja UFOmaru!
    • Sibling Ninja Violent Slash (兄弟忍烈斬 Kyōdai Nin Retsu Zan): A tag-team version of the Ninja Violent Slash with the Igasaki Ninningers, both jump into the air and spin in place as they descend towards the target and both give punishing slash attacks. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Shinobi 8: The Nekomata Who Leapt Through Time!
    • Magical Ninja Violent Slash (マジカル・忍烈斬 Majikaru Nin Retsu Zan): A tag-team version of the Ninja Violent Slash with AkaNinger and AoNinger, where AkaNinger activates the finisher on the Ninja Ichibantou, while AoNinger conjures a tall flaming dragon around the Ninninger, then bathes the Youkai in magic-based flame, with AkaNinger landing the final blow. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Shinobi 9: Ninjutsu vs. Magic, the Great Battle!
    • Wild Dancing Ninja Violent Slash (乱舞忍烈斬 Ranbu Nin Retsu Zan): With the Combination Nin Shuriken and an extra Ninja Ichibantou loaned by AoNinger, AkaNinger creates 3 extra Ninja Ichibantou to shield him from an incoming attack by Raizo Gabi, then trap him with said three Ninja Ichibantou, forming a barrier around the Kibaoni general while doing so. AkaNinger then rushes in, slashing Raizo 5 times, using all 5 Ichibantou for each core Ninninger, until he raises his energized blade one final time, combining with the energies of all 5 Ninningers, making the blade larger and longer, and gives Raizo one final vertical slash, with four energy lesser slashes with the colors of the other Ninningers following up from the original slash. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Shinobi 12: Ultimate Battle! Miracle Combination
    • Tornado Ninja Violent Slash (竜巻忍烈斬 Tatsumaki Nin Retsu Zan): Using it in conjunction with Tsumuji Igasaki's Tornado Technique, a Ninninger enters the Tornado and rapidly slashes the target. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Shinobi 16: The Father Tsumuji Is a Super Ninja!?
    • Big Splendid Ninja Violent Slash (大アッパレニンジャ烈斬 Dai Appare Ninja Retsu Zan): Tvicon.png TV STORY-Shuriken Sentai Ninninger: AkaNinger vs. StarNinger Hundred Nin Battle!
    • Transcendental Triple Ninja Violent Slash (超絕トリプル忍烈斬 Chōzetsu Toripuru Nin Retsu Zan): A double finisher which is used by KiNinger and MomoNinger together with AkaNinger Chozetsu's Transcendental Shuriken Slash. AkaNinger Chozetsu slashes the enemy, followed by KiNinger's and MomoNinger's finisher. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Shinobi 24: It's Summer! The Chilling Arrival of Western Yokai!
    • Igasaki Clan Ninja Violent Slash (伊賀崎一族忍烈斬 Igasaki Ichizoku Nin Retsu Zan): This is the Ninninger's Shuriken Ninja Art Ultimate Secret Technique (シュリケン忍法究極奥義 Shuriken Ninpō Kyūkyoku Ōgi). The Ninninger brandish their Ninja Ichibantou (Kinji, his Star Sword-Gun) while Takaharu, dual-wielding his Ninja Ichibantou and the Ninja Gekiatsuto, activates the technique using the Shūkyoku Nin Shuriken. All six Ninninger strike collectively with a color-specific blade of their Nintality which converge into a single, spinning multi-colored wave that strikes their target. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Shinobi 42: OtomoNin Wars! Nekomata Strikes Back
  • Tower Ninja Whirlwind (塔忍旋風 Yagura Nin Senpū): The Ninningers stand in a tower base position, with AkaNinger being the spire, and the five ninja spin around until they become a tornado and fly at the target, slashing it until it is destroyed. This finisher was first used on the shrunken Kuliner Robo in Ressha Sentai ToQger vs. Kyoryuger: The Movie.
  • Shuriken Slash (手裏剣斬 Shuriken Zan): A Ninninger jumps and spins around until they transform into a energy form of their Transformation Nin Shuriken, then fly at the target like a rogue buzzsaw blade.


The Ninja Ichibantou can be used to summon the OtomoNin by inserting their respective Nin Shuriken into the sword and pressing the yellow button marked with the kanji for "Call" ( Yo), making the Ninja Ichibantou announce "The Shoukan!" (ザ・召喚! Za Shōkan!, lit. "The Summon"), then chant "Who's that?!" (だれじゃ? Dare ja?) until the Ninningers spin the Nin Shuriken to use the Summoning Jutsu, making the Ninja Ichibantou chant "Who's that, who's that?! Whoooo, who is that?!" (だれじゃだれじゃ?だ~れだれじゃ? Dare ja dare ja, da~re dare ja?) then announcing the arriving OtomoNin's name. The Ninja Ichibantou also allows the Ninningers to ride the OtomoNin by stabbing the blade into their OtomoNin.

When it's time to form Shurikenjin, the Ninningers, mainly AkaNinger spin the OtomoNin Shuriken still in their Ichibantou, triggering the Shuriken Gattai. They then insert the Ninja Ichibantou into special slots within the cockpit once the combination is complete to control the mech, with the one who initiated the combination sitting in a special throne. The Ninningers also use the Ninja Ichibantou to play out Shurikenjin's finisher.


AkaNinger has demonstated the ability to transform into the legendary ninja heroes via their respective Nin Shuriken, in a similar manner to the Gokai Changes. On a single occasion this was performed through the Ninja Ichibantou Legend Ninja Violent Slash finisher, he shifted through the three legendary ninjas, assuming their forms momentarily as he struck his opponent each time with the Ninja Ichibantou transforming with him into the legendary ninja's respective sword weapon. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Shinobi 41: The Five Games of the Kibaoni Party!

Secret Sword Kakuremaru

―Transformation announcement[src]

The Secret Sword Kakuremaru (秘剣カクレマル Hiken Kakuremaru, Hidden Circle) is the personal sword of NinjaRed and his fellow Kakurangers.

This form is exclusive to Ninninger Episode 41.

Portable Ninja Sword Hayatemaru (Above: Rifle mode;
Middle: Hayatemaru itself; Below: Sheathed Hayatemaru)

―Transformation announcement[src]

The Portable Ninja Sword Hayatemaru (携帯忍刀ハヤテ丸 Keitai Ninto Hayatemaru) is the personal sword of HurricaneRed and his fellow Hurricanegers.

This form is exclusive to Ninninger Episode 41.


"World Ninja!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

The Optical-magnetized Light Vacuum SwordIcon-crosswiki.png (磁光真空剣 Jikō Shinkū Ken) is the personal sword of the ninja Metal Hero, JiraiyaIcon-crosswiki.png.

This form is exclusive to Ninninger Episode 41.


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