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The NinjaRed could refer to:







  • Hidden Style: Full Moon Slash (隠れ流・満月斬り Kakure-ryū: Mangetsu Giri): NinjaRed's signature sword technique where he waves his Kakuremaru in a circle, energizing it before performing an overhead slash.
  • Hidden Style: Thunder Cut: Wielding both his Kakuremaru and the Hikarimaru, NinjaRed performs a series of energized slashes against an opponent.
  • Flaming Whirlwind Art (火炎旋風の術 Kaen Tsumuji no Jutsu): NinjaRed projects a blast of fire to attack his opponents.
  • Cloning Technique (分け身の術 Wakemi no Jutsu): NinjaRed creates any number of clones to fight alongside him.
  • Hidden Style: Transformation: NinjaRed transforms into something else, allowing him to sneak undetected into enemy territory or to pursue an enemy that would be impossible for a human to follow.
  • Flaming Shogun Wave: Wielding the human sized Flaming Shogun Sword, Sasuke swings the weapon, sending a wave of fire hurtling towards his opponent
  • Ninpou Shadow Dance (超忍法 影の舞 Chou Ninpou Kage no Mai): Sasuke can used a Technique receive from Yousuke in order by Ninja Various Styles of Shadow Slash Attack.
    • School of Transcendence Shadow Dance (りゅうはちょうつ 影の舞 Ryūhachōetsu Kage no Mai):: Sasuke and Yousuke combining together in one Single Technique receive by Ninja Various Styles of Shadow Slash Attack.

Appearances Kakuranger Episodes 1-25, 28-53

Giant Beast General Red Saruder (巨大獣将レッドサルダー Kyodai Jūshō Reddo Sarudā): NinjaRed's Juushou form, armed with the Saruder Slicer, with which he can perform a finishing attack by hurling it and slicing the enemy in half with its sharp blade-like sides. Forms the body of Muteki Shogun and stores the helmet. Its name is a pun on the Japanese word for "monkey" ( Saru).

Beast General Fighter Battle Saruder (バトルサルダー Batoru Sarudā): Ninja Red's Juushou Fighter form, armed with the Saruder Claw (サルダークロー Sarudā Kurō).

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