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The NinjaBlue could refer to:







  • Ninja Art: Water Running: A ninpo that enables NinjaBlue to run across water without sinking.
  • Ninja Art: Water Tower: NinjaBlue summons a column of water to attack his opponents.
  • Hidden Style: Square Formation: NinjaBlue's signature sword technique, a energized quad slash in the formation of a square.
  • Chaotic Kicks: NinjaBlue leaps into the air, wildly kicking in all directions.
  • Wolf Attack

Appearances: Kakuranger Episodes 1-25, 27, 29-53

Giant Beast General Blue Logan (巨大獣将ブルーロウガン Kyodai Jūshō Burū Rōgan): NinjaBlue's Juushou form, armed with the Logan Shaft, which is the only weapon that is not similar to the Kakuranger's personal weapon. Forms Muteki Shogun's right arm. Its name is a pun on the compound Japanese word for wolf ( ).

Beast General Fighter Battle Logan (バトルロウガン Batoru Rogan): Ninja Blue's Juushou Fighter form, armed with the Logan Kick (ロウガンキック Rōgan Kikku).

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