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The NinjaBlack could refer to:







  • Three Kick: A series of jump kicks punctuated by back flips (first leap kicks once, second leap kicks twice, third leap kicks three times).
  • Hidden Style: Shooting Star: NinjaBlack's signature sword technique, a quintuple slash in the formation of a pentagram.
  • Rock Hell Technique: NinjaBlack summons an avalanche of boulders to attack his opponents with.
  • Rock Crusher Transformation
  • Earth Hiding Art: a ninpo that enables NinjaBlack to move through earth like a fish through water.

Appearances: Kakuranger Episodes 3-25, 28-53

Giant Beast General Black Gammer (巨大獣将 ブラックガンマー Kyodai Jūshō Burakku Ganmā): NinjaBlack's Juushou form, armed with the Gammer Bow. Black Gammer can perform the 'Kakureryuu Ninpo Suna Arashi,' (Hidden Style Ninja Magic: Sandstorm) a type of dust cloud. Forms Muteki Shogun's left leg. Its name is a pun on the Japanese word for toad (蝦蟇 gama).

Beast General Fighter Battle Gammer (バトルガンマー Batoru Ganmā): Ninja Black's Juushou Fighter form, armed with the Gammer Three Attack (ガンマースリーアタック Ganmā Surī Atakku).

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