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"Wait! Just slow down a minute! Ahhhhh!"
―Ninja before being blasted by the T-Rex Super Charge Blaster[src]

"Who needs speed?"
―Ninja after being hit with the Magna Beam.[src]

"No! I'm on a fast track to destruction!"
―Ninja's final words before his destruction.[src]

Ninja was a super-fast ninja-themed monster who works under Singe and tasked with implanting a computer virus into the Rangers' weaponry.


Ninja was seen in a cell. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Double Ranger, Double Danger

In Dino Charge, he was seen among the cells of Sledge's ship. This outlaw seemingly was in the same block where Heckyl was, sending him into instantaneous panic when he was deployed by Sledge the first time.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Wishing for a Hero

In Dino Super Charge, he is serving Heckyl and Snide after the ship's crash.Tvicon.png TV STORY-When Evil Stirs

Singe enlisted Ninja to plant a virus into the Rangers' ammunition under Heckyl's authorization. He briefly attacked Tyler before being fended off by the Aqua Ranger. Under intense pressure from Snide, Singe changes his plan and Ninja was accompanied by Hunter in order to hunt Tyler down. Tyler recovered from the virus with the help of James and joined the fight against Ninja while Hunter retreated. Tyler used the purified T-Rex Super Charge to fight Ninja and defeat him. Upon Ninja being enlarged by the Magna Beam, the Plesio Charge Megazord Pachy-Rex Formation is formed as it destroyed Ninja with the Galactic Blast.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Roar of the Red Ranger

Ninja's ghost.

The ghosts of Ninja and Hunter were summoned to the Halloween Intergalactic Court by Scumlaw where they tell their side of their fight with the Rangers.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Trick or Trial

Ninja was among the monsters revived by Wrench as part of Doomwing's plot to divert the Rangers while going after Zenowing again. Due to the revival being sped up, Ninja was rendered unable to speak. He and the other monsters were destroyed by the Power Rangers.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Wings of Danger


Ninja is sneaky, cunning and will stop at nothing to destroy the Power Rangers.

Powers and Abilities


  • Super Speed: Ninja possesses super-speed and can easily get to places faster.
    • Ninja Quick Attack: Ninja can also increase his speed for offense, it is strong enough to nearly knocked the Red Ranger out cold in just one hit.
  • Ninja Shadow Attack: Ninja's strongest ability where he can multiply himself and do multiple attacks on his enemies.
  • Ninja Throwing Stars: Ninja can launch throwing stars made of purple energy as a means of offensive attacks on his enemies, he can launch a barrage of them.


  • Sight: Ninja can see although he does not have any visible eyes.
  • Speech: Ninja can also although he does not have a visible mouth.


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  • Ninja Sword: Ninja wields a sword to aid him in combat.
  • Thumb Drive: Given to him by Singe and Heckyl, he can use this thumb drive to upload a computer virus that will disrupt the Rangers' arsenals. It was used to infect the T-Rex Super Charger, which made Tyler go savage when he inserted it into his morpher.
    Thumb Drive.jpg

Behind the Scenes


  • Ninja is voiced by Adrian Smith.


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  • Ninja's name was revealed in a toy lineup.
  • Ninja's voice is almost similar to Wrench's voice.


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