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The Sentinel Statue

"Huh huh huh hmmm! Catch you later, Power Rangers."
―Nimrod the Scarlet Sentinel's first words as a mask on the back of the Sentinel Statue after the Putties defending it were defeated.[src]

"Welcome Power Brats."
―Nimrod when confronted by the Power Rangers.[src]

"A little high voltage anyone?"
―Nimrod upon being enlarged.[src]

"You’re through White Ranger!"
―Nimrod when confronted by Tommy Oliver as the White Ranger and the White Tigerzord.[src]

"Whoa! Get 'em! Don't hide behind me! Get 'em you fools!!"
―Nimrod when confronted by the Mega Tigerzord.[src]

"Can't you do anything right?"
―Nimrod to AC and DC after the Mega Tigerzord punched them back into her and her final words before his destruction.[src]

Nimrod the Scarlet Sentinel was a fist and lightning themed monster who served as the leader of the Scarlet Sentinels and the main antagonist of the iconic two part episode "White Light".


With Zordon and Alpha gone, Lord Zedd decided to create a powerful monster from the Sentinel Statue in Angel Grove Park to keep the Power Rangers busy and destroy them. However, Nimrod was so powerful that she needed time to gain her monster form. Zedd was forced to defend Nimrod with the Putty Patrol when Zack stumbled upon the statue, which was dripping green slime. Though the Putties were wiped out, the Rangers withdrew to the Command Center to find out why Zack did not hear from Zordon earlier on. Zedd got bored and forced Nimrod to fully animate herself from the Sentinel Statue. Nimrod caused a massive earthquake which forced the Power Rangers to morph and confront her in the park. Nimrod bested the Rangers in combat, leading Zedd to throw a Growth Bomb and Nimrod grew before blasting the Rangers, who called for the Thunderzords. They formed the Thunder Megazord, but Nimrod summoned two monsters named AC and DC who combined their powers with her own and took and crippled the Megazord, forcing the Rangers to retreat.

Billy fled back to the Command Center while the others fled back to his lab. With nothing to do, Nimrod dismissed AC and DC and teleported back to the Moon Palace. Goldar reported to Zedd that the Rangers had fled after their defeat and Zedd decided to proceed with his plans for Tommy until the Power Rangers returned so that the Scarlet Sentinels could finish them off.  Zedd sent Nimrod back down to Angel Grove where she attacked the industrial center to lure out and finish off the Rangers. However, the Thunderzords were still being repaired by Billy and Trini and the other three were fighting Putties, who were trying to access Rita Repulsa's dumpster. Alpha and Zordon's absence was to create the White Power Ranger identity to give to the recently de-powered Tommy Oliver. He was forced to fight Nimrod alone as Tommy arrived on scene and immediately summoned the new White Tigerzord with the help of his sentient sword Saba, although it initially lacked proper control due to Saba’s inexperience.  They mounted the Zord and overwhelmed Nimrod before Tommy entered the cockpit and changed it into Warrior Mode. Using it, they took down Nimrod with the White Tiger Thunderbolt, but Nimrod summoned AC and DC. Tommy was confident that he would be able to defeat them despite being outnumbered. AC and DC overwhelmed the Tigerzord their speed and slashed them with their swords. Nimrod, AC, and DC then surround the White Tigerzord on three sides and unleashed a massive barrage, knocking the Tigerzord back into Tiger Mode and ejecting Tommy from it.

As the Scarlet Sentinels advanced on his Zord to destroy it, Tommy called for help from Jason and managed to get the White Tigerzord back on its feet just as the Red Dragon Thunderzord arrived and it rode the Tigerzord into battle, turning the tide by jabbing AC and DC aside with its staff and slashing Nimrod across her waist. Tommy had the Red Dragon Thunderzord eject from the White Tigerzord and then re-entered his Zord and turned it back into Warrior Mode before the Unicorn, Griffin, Lion and Firebird Thunderzords arrived. Tommy had the Zords combine to form the new Mega Tigerzord. Nimrod, AC, and DC fired the same attack that damaged the Thunder Megazord previously, but it had no effect on the Mega Tigerzord. AC and DC cowered behind Nimrod but she forced them into battle so they took to the air and vaulted off of Nimrod’s face to gain an aerial advantage. However, the Mega Tigerzord punched them back into Nimrod, knocking all three down as the Mega Tigerzord powered up its finishing attack. The Mega Tigerzord unleashed the flaming Firebird Thunderzord and set it on fire to defeat the three monsters.

Split History

Lord Zedd put his latest plan into action. She is first seen she was been created from the Sentinel Statue in Angel Grove Park and is tasked with fighting and destroying the Power Rangers. Deciding that waiting for the Viewing Globe would waste too much time, Nimrod decided to draw them out by starting to blow up the park and they arrived so on time that she was able to perform a countdown to the second although she was a second off. She offhandedly welcomed them whilst complaining about them taking so long before summoning an energy ball and blasting it at the Rangers who narrowly avoided it. Meanwhile, Zedd confronted Tommy in the Temple of Light and took control of the Sword of Light Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Go Go Power Rangers Issue 26

After Tommy defeated "Zedd" (who was actually an illusion by the Temple of Light), Nimrod had enlarged and summoned AC and DC and they were overwhelming the Thunder Megazord. With Billy drawing a blank on giving them more power, they equipped the Thunder Saber but Nimrod leapt out of the way of it. She then slapped it out of the way with her staff and combined powers with AC and DC, taking the Megazord down with a single shot and forcing them to retreat. They then moved into the countryside only to be confronted by Tommy as the new White Ranger in his new White Tigerzord. She quickly energy slashed it across the shoulder and they prepared their massive energy blast to finish it off but the Thunderzord Assault Team arrived and they formed the Mega Tigerzord. Before Nimrod could finish it off with the same laser ball that earlier defeated the Thunder Megazord, the Mega Tigerzord fired the Firebird Thunderzord straight through her and her minions, destroying all three of them instantly. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Go Go Power Rangers Issue 27


Nimrod was a cold and sinister monster who seemed proud of her strength and power in dispatching the Power Rangers and taunted the team. However, she was very haughty as she ordered AC and DC around with authority and complained when they did not follow orders. In the comics' split timeline, although she retains her TV counterpart's tenacity and psychopathic tendencies, this version of Nimrod the Scarlet Sentinel is also extremely impatient to the point of being willing to destroy property just to hurry things along.

Powers and Abilities


  • AC & DC Summoning: Nimrod could summon two monsters, similar in appearance, to aid her, in battle. The two followed Nimrod's orders by default and use their teamwork and combined firepower to overcome foes even stronger than Nimrod.
  • Energy Balls: Nimrod could fire light orange colored energy balls from her hands. When combined with AC and DC's own versions of this attack, it decimated the White Tigerzord.
  • Lighting Balls: Nimrod could also fire light pink colored lightning balls from her hands and face. This caused large explosions around the White Tigerzord (both before and after gaining the Red Dragon Thunderzord as s rider) but failed to stop it either time.
  • Lighting Breath: Nimrod could fire light green colored lightning beams from her mouth which also had orange lighting as a splash effect.
  • Energy Laser Ambush: Nimrod could fire a spread of light orange and light pink colored energy lasers from the rings on her shoulders which was strong enough to take down all five Rangers with one blast when she was enlarged.
  • Energy Balls: Nimrod and AC and DC could all fire light orange colored energy balls from their left hands.
  • Sentinel Strike: The combined attack of the Scarlet Sentinels and their most powerful move. Nimrod would summon their minions and they would all fire in unison, Nimrod firing a barrage of energy balls from her left hand and AC and DC firing red-orange lightning from their swords. This was strong enough to take out the Thunder Megazord with one hit but had no effect on the Mega Tigerzord.


  • Power: Nimrod was one of Lord Zedd's most powerful monsters and proved a force to be reckoned with. Nimrod, even compared to previous monsters, is very powerful and is a force to be reckoned with. Already strong by herself, her power was only amplified by teaming up with AC and DC. Together, the trio were able to defeat the Thunder Megazord and  White Tigerzord in Warrior Mode and it ultimately took the Mega Tigerzord to defeat them. However, later monsters like Goldgoyle and Tankenstein are far superior to her in terms of firepower and strength.
  • Strength: Nimrod was at least as strong as Lord Zedd's previous monsters and seemed to outclass several later efforts, defeating two Megazords easily with her minions' assistance and putting up a decent fight against the Mega Tigerzord.
  • Durability: Nimrod was able to remain standing despite taking the White Tiger Thunderbolt head on and shrugged the Mega Tigerzord punching AC and DC into her.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Nimrod could leap very high into the air, jumping as high as Zack who, in the episode "Happy Birthday, Zack" where this shot came from, he jumped as high as some tall hills behind him.
  • Hand to Hand Combat: Nimrod and her goons were very skilled when it came to close quarters combat, being able to defeat the Tigerzord in Warrior Mode with ease.
  • Experts in Armed Combat: Nimrod and her goons easily broke through the White Tigerzord's defenses and struck it with their weapons at least once each.


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  • Lightning Staff: Nimrod carried a lightning staff for combat.
    • Lightning Beams: Nimrod could fire light green colored lightning beams from her staff.

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