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Nikolai Chukarin is the Blue Ranger of a team formed in 1969.[1]

Character History

Nikolai was a young intelligence analyst of Russia's KGB forces.[2] Zordon chose him to be the Blue Ranger. Nikolai does not speak English, necessitating the use of automatic translators to communicate with his teammates.

Being born under the thrall of Soviet Russia, Nikolai had an arrogant attitude towards his western teammates of a stereotypical Russian. He believed his nation was superior and did not like following the orders of an American woman like Grace Sterling. However, his bravery and loyalty was soon shown as he sacrificed himself to destroy Psycho Green's giant monster form by leaping into its mouth and firing a cannon he swiped from a vacant Moon Palace, which caused Psycho Green to explode, killing him in the process. Before his death, Nikolai asked Grace to try to make the world a place worth saving and protecting. Zordon later teleported Nikolai's body back to the Command Center so he could receive a proper burial. He also reclaimed the Triceratops Power Coin.

Blue Ranger


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