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"Do you know who I am?"

Nikki Valentina is a supermodel and star of the television series Ocean Alert. She believes that she can get whatever she wants, just as long as she offers enough money.

Character History

Nikki Valentina enters Hayley's Cyberspace and insults both Hayley and Cassidy, with Hayley as she wanted a wanted a particular drink, but Hayley had run out. She then told Cassidy to get a new dream when Cassidy asked to appear on Ocean Alert.

She doesn't care about her fans. All she cares about is being rich, having lots of stuff, and her dream is to marry a rock star and have more houses than Jennifer Lopez. The following day, Nikki was her usual unlikable self. She told one of the staff that if she has to listen to another love struck fan, she was going to barf in her coffee cup.

However, Nikki Valentina was central for Mesogog's latest plot as he decided that she had the perfect DNA. He sent Megalador to kidnap her and take her to his island.

She falls in love with Devin when he saves her and Cassidy is no longer a fan of hers.


  • Although she is similar to Bucky Bonds from Bakuryu Sentai Abaranger in that both are celebrities which are involved in the plans of villains and both have been insensitive, Bucky Bonds only became that way because a monster changed him, as he was much more friendly before and afterwards.
  • Also, Nikki appeared in an episode that was adapted from a different episode than Bucky Bonds was from.
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