This article is about a/an planets in Dengeki Sentai Changeman.

Niji is a planet that is one of the few that is not allied with the Gozma though has sympathizers who work within for the empire. It is the home of Aira and her Space Beast protector Daros.

Those from Niji are most notable for emitting a powerful rainbow-colored energy that emerges from within their bodies. When it emerges, a Nijian is said to be mature and a special rainbow-like tattoo emerges on their face, which some consider as disfiguring. Those who wish to interact with others occasionally use Space Beasts who absorb this Rainbow Energy to remove the tattoo from their faces, yet at the same time removes their powers while giving it to another with the risk of it being used for evil purposes.Ep. 45: The Rainbow-Colored Girl Aira

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