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Nightmare is a monster under of the order of Hexuba sent into her nightmare world to destroy the Galaxy Rangers, who were trapped within after smelling enchanted bouquets of flowers delivered to their quarters from Hexuba's Mansion.

Nightmare served as the finishing blow against the Rangers as Hexuba prepared to destroy them and proved to be a formidable opponent until Mike Corbett destroyed Hexuba's crystal ball by deflecting one of Hexuba's own blasts. With the dream spell broken, the Rangers were able to fight back against Nightmare better with Damon injuring him with a strike from his Power-Up Claw into Nightmare's cannons.

After taking a hit from Damon, Nightmare grew giant and the Rangers called upon the Galaxy Megazord to fight him. Nightmare was too much for them so Damon called upon the Centaurus Megazord to help. The Centaurus Megazord beat up Nightmare, allowing the Galaxy Megazord to destroy him.

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